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Hi I'm Mimi, a very friendly bakeneko! Welcome to my profile and stuff! I'm a horrible conversation starter, so make do with this.

-Sometimes I'm serious but most the time I'm a plain goof, but all in all I'm pretty calm and cheerful.
-I'm oblivious at times and slow on hints.
-I like cats, duh! Cus I AM one 8D
-I also like mermaids and sharks.
-I love hanging out in flash spaces such as Towns, Towns 2, Virtual Hollywood or Rally.
-GCD is my fave forum, you can often find me making CS update threads or item lists.
-As you noticed my RPC is a bakeneko, a type of shapeshifting youkai.
-IMVU is my second home. emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png
-Chance is I'm older than you too. emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

If you want to get to know me drop me comment or pm me. I'm open to new friends.

Currently Playing:

League of Legends (NA server)
Summoner name:Dragoness

Destiny (on PS4)
PSN: suki-hime
I don't care what level you are or if you are bad, as long as we have fun.

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