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Location: Abyss of Nowhere

Birthday: 10/07/1989


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Well, you seem to have stumbled upon my profile. Congratulations.
This devil was born in October of '89 in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Hazel eyes and dark brown (now black) hair 5"8 in height.
I don't really like to talk about myself much not that anyone cares to know.
But if you feel you'd like to get to know me all you have to ask.
Currently, living in ******** Iowa because it's a s**t state in the US.
I live and breath anything that's horror from movies to games...anything.
I'm not a picky eater but I do love my meat..sweet..bloody..delicious meat.
This devil can be the sweetest romantic guy ever or your worse nightmare.
I'll let you decide which side you want to see for your own risk of course.
Likes: Honest, loyal, caring, loving and faithful people really that's it...
Dislikes: Liars, fakes, users, abusers, cheaters you know all that bullshit.
I've been heart broken many times and I hate to be ignored or lied to.
I hate humans with every fiber in my being but I can tolerate a small bunch.
Mostly into rock and metal music but I listen to everything, I write songs etc.
PS4 is where it's at as far as video games go holler at me if you want my PSN.
Other than that, I can't think of anything else I want to write here..soo...
ASK ANY QUESTIONS if you wish to get to know me or whatever. Thanks.

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Sin † Devilish Face † 27 † Socially Awkward † Her Spooky King
"It's better to be weird than normal in my honest opinion.
If you don't like me for who I am I don't need your sugar-coated bullshit either,
you're just a fake like the rest who should rot in hell."


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