About Me
My name is Miruku. I'm 13 years old. I dont miind if you guys added me but i dont like any copycats copying my profile. And i dont like hackers coming in my profile without my permssion. And yet im use to so yeah. Hackers haters who dares goes to my profile will be banned. And one more thing... I hope we can be great friends and all. So yeah~
- miruchii23 aka. Miru

My Nicknames
~ Miru
~ Ku-chan
~ Chii

About My Family
Why i am japanese / american? That's because my Mom was from Florida and My dad was from Tokyo, japan. My dad always teaches me how to speak japanese when i was little but something came up. When i tried speaking it out loud to my dad and my mom. My mom doesnt understand japanese she knows a little bit of japanese.

Relationship Status: Taken by kazehaya23
Ethnicity: Asian-American

My Contact
Crunchyroll: Miruku-Chii

My Question / Answer
Why did you make this account?
That's because my bestie are in there. And i meant Tiffany in rl who is Hei Sui Mei Mei she knows i am her childhood friend. So she told me everything about crunchyroll.

Where do you live?
Not Telling...

What would you do if i hacked into your account?
Hmm... I will not be happy. Im also glad if you hack my profile not all my account. And yet, i dont like noobs who steals other ppls account. Its Rude.

How old are you?
I'm 13. My stupid brother set it up to 1993 which he thinks im 18. TT^TT

What grade are you?
i'm 11th grade.

WTF! 11th Grade! how?
-sighed- I skipped grade coz of my self study. I'm a GENIUS duh. probably my teacher havent notice that ive been doing self study but he thinks im stupid and cant pass all the subjects. So i did pass all the subjects and some of my old classmates called me a show off. But i really dont care.

Bye Bye~

My Dream Avii

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hey how are you. I'm Sachi.
He Loves Us All

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He Loves Us All

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He Loves Us All

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thanks for the purchase.. smile

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hey babe i send it to ya and im gonna sleep now byee love u<33 xoxo from your bf kazehaya<3

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lols im not a wuss babe and did i do something wrong?? =[ btw i have exam tomorow so i wont be here tomorow =[

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ilove u baby<3333


Total Value: 2,765,188 Gold
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