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"Where your heart leads may not be where you'd expect. Although, in the end, you'll wonder why you never thought to look in that direction." -Mirialiah

Hey, It's Miri! Welcome to my profile. =) Have a look around.

I'm a cosplayer. smilies/icon_smile.gif

Let's see. My name's Ruzena (yes, that's my real name) and I just graduated from Houghton College (a private Christian institution) with a degree in English and a degree in Adolescence Education with hopes of some day being an English teacher.

Yes I am a Christian and proud of it. smilies/icon_smile.gif

I speak both English and French. (English is my native language but I do speak rough French---with a quebec accent, apparently xD--- because I live near the Canadian border and French-Canada is a part of my heritage) What else?

I love lots of things. Among these things are anime, manga, writing, composing piano music, writing songs, poetry, reading, singing, musical theatrical performances (I had a lead in "The (Dis)concert(ed) Choir" as the conductor, most recently ^_^), writing my book, jpop, jrock, movies (particularly Japanese ones), making jewelry, and my friends!

I am also a cosplayer and HUGE fan of the art. I love modeling for unofficial photoshoots but also being the photographer. I LOOOOVE being glomped, especially by people I don't know. smilies/icon_surprised.gif (unless they're creepy old guys---) Lately I've been super into the Japanese fashion called Lolita. I think you can see some of the inspiration in my pictures (especially the photo above where I was actually dressed in Lolita to go to an event). :3

I'm relatively new to it but I'm learning and doing my research. I'm so fascinated by all of it!

I am fan of good spelling and grammar, food, selfless acts, the humane society and ASPCA, kitties and doggies (Trend here? I think so.), warm towels and sheets, slankets, the beach, pizza with garlic sauce, going for random car rides, horses and natural horsemanship, taking a warm shower, Left 4 Dead, Pokemon TCG and video games, having a pedicure/manicure, putting my hair up pretty, taking random pictures of myself and others, snickerdoodles, candid AIM conversations, cooking meals and baking, shopping for gadgets that will just be out of style 5 minutes after I buy them, glow sticks, snuggling, cat purring, and brightly colored wigs. x3

Last but not least, I'm newly married! My husband and I met through a gaming website and have been dating for over 4 1/2 years. Until July of this year after the wedding, we had never even lived in the same state! Life is amazing. Cherish the moments you have guys! Things will fly by so fast!

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Here beez us (4 or so years ago):

Here beez us more recently (couple years ago):

At the Grand Canyon. smilies/icon_smile.gif

Here beez us being all married and stuff:
(As of this July!)

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Your avi is really cute! cat_4laugh

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You're very welcome ^-^
Gabriel Noah Alexander

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Gabriel Noah Alexander

Hey there. Not sure if you frequent Gaia often, but just wanted to shoot you a line and say..."Remember me?"

Yeah, I'm back on Gaia. I miss the days we had on Yume's thread.

So, how are things?

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Your welcome ^^ heart

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Thanks for adding me whee
xRozeN Doll

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xRozeN Doll


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you are so pretty.

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Thanks for buying!

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you're so gorgeous omg
xRozeN Doll

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xRozeN Doll



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