- Name: Shai or Shy
- Blood Type: AB
- Birthday: Nov. 16 (Year of the Rabbit)
- Country: Canada but was born in the Philippines.
- Status: Semi retired from Avatar Arenas; Hangs out in GCD
- Enjoys PC games: Skyrim w/ mods, League of Legends, Path of Exile and Elder Scrolls Online.
- Favourite Food: Chocolate
- Least Favourite Food: Salty Cream cheese
- Dreams: To be creative in different ways; Currently reading about Fashion History and planning to make clothes.



----- In the edge of the street of Barton, a slender man with a straw hat and cape was about to be betrayed by two Zomg! gangsters at night. One of them holding a machete ring to threaten him. As the other one got closer, the guy drew a suspicious smile. "Whatchu smiling at you little runt. I'll- WHAT THE FUC-". An flash of light came out of nowhere. The straw man swiftly kicks the guy with a knife to the ground and went for the other one. The threaten-er tries to defend himself but she was too quick for him, and punches him up the chin making him unconscious. The straw man turned off the Flash ring and took all of their rings and their money.

----- The morning drew up. The straw man went to the guys' bathroom. He discards the straw gear, revealing to be a middle-aged girl with black hair. She made sure that the last man in the washroom to leave and went out of the window. In the back alley, she blends into the streets. Then she heard from a chat from some of the thugs that they are meeting their leader in Barton.

----- In a Barton cafe, she flirted with a businessman with a black suit. In the corner of her eye she saw a tough looking gang leader with two of his henchmen trying to clear the way - her opportunity to steal the enchanted charm of the Gold ring. They were arguing that there's a mix up about their members being robbed of their rings and gold. She saw her plan is in motion and gave the businessman a fake card and a farewell.

----- In the afternoon, she made a successful escape into the deepest part of the Barton forest in her disguise as blonde girl thug. Returning to her original gear, counting the pure gold coins and the gold ring in her necklace. She tried to gather her things before she carries on, but a shadowy figure came up to her from behind. She was startled as she drops a few coins and quickly drew up a knife - A guy with a green hat and a black jacket waves his hands up high as he can.

----- "Woah woah. Calm down. I'm not going to see a gal like you going aggressive on me. I'm just strolling around for a shop brea-" She tries to punch him as he dodges like it was nothing. But he notices immediately that this girl is a quick learner. He never seen anyone as equally matched in agile and strength as him until he met her. A minute later, the quick girl then the advantage by slamming him to the tree trunk, pull his hat into his eyes, trips him and made her escape. "Haha... At least she didn't know what's coming." He smiles cockily as he dust off his pants and jacket and wents home with the real gold coins.

----- Next day, as Nicolae sells this usual things to young ladies the wagon shop, he found a note in his pocket saying: "Interesting. It seems that you were not as careful as I was after my escape. Seconds later, neither was I... We'll meet again soon." - An admirer. He also found out that the real coins were gone from his very secret location under a well-hidden tree stump near the art shop east of Barton.



---- Mirastella (aka. her code name, "Dark Eyes" wink : A half-Romani girl who is born in a poor village below Dref Dur, not much is known about her past. The earliest history is that she had an arranged marriage at a very young age and wishes to travel far away with a new identity. With no way of having legal papers going to another country, a man (supposedly dead) saved her from being persecuted and adopted her into his world. Currently, she lived a good life in Durem with a solemn promise to keep things to herself and is training to be a talented flamenco dancer. At day, she teaches ballroom dancing to kids. But at night... it's a secret. Her weapon of choices are daggers, whips, and occasionally, handguns.

The character is supposedly based on the Russian witch "Rada" (actress Svetlana Toma) from the 1975 movie "Tabor Uhodit V Nebo"; Fujiko's fashion and personality of Lupin in "Lupin the Third".

This is my Casimir Tree of the ship Triplexi below.
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