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Hi everyone! I'm glad to be here.Feel free to call me Alexis or Lexi. I'm still learning my way around on this site.I'm a nice vampire (or sometimes demon) and I don't bite unless it's requested of me or if I get hungry. lol. rofl I play zomg most of the time and my favorite servers to be on are: Buzz Saw,Clutch,Brain Claim and Anchor Bug.I mainly pick whatever server is on the bottom though. smile Here are a few quick things about me. cool My Chinese Zodiac is the dragon.I'm nice unless you cross me or trying to manipulate be careful or you might just end up getting roasted by this dragon.

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I like a challenge and I get bored is something is to easy.So if you want to challenge me or know of something challenging...I say bring it on! xd

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My Likes:

*Reading books and stories.
*Role playing.
*Playing video games.
*Writing poems,stories and songs.
*Listening to music.Here are a few examples of the music I like.They're worth listening to but be warned some of the music videos have cute/hot guys in them.Some of the videos may make you want to get up and dance.You have been warned! lol xd

*Watching movies and shows on tv.
*Cute guys. lol lol
*Dogs,cats,wolves,tigers,and many more animals.

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I adopted a wolf!
Name: Amethyst
Likes: Exploring,playing with other wolves and dogs,following me and howling.
Dislikes: Thunder and lightning,any kind of loud sound and being left alone.
Owner: Esmeralda_Mirada
Adopt Now!

*Sweets and candy.
*Warm weather.
*The full moon.

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My Dislikes:

*Bad weather.
*Weather that's to hot or to cold.
*Rude people and bullies.
*Getting bitten or stung by bugs.
*Being ignored.
*Being lied to.
*Fake people, back stabbers and selfish people.

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***The boy you punched in the hall today. Committed suicide a few minutes ago. That girl you called a slut in class today. She's a virgin. The boy you called lame. He has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down the other day. She's already being abused at home. That girl you called fat. She's starving herself. The old man you made fun of cause of the ugly scars. He fought for our country. The boy you made fun of for crying. His mother is dying. You think you know them. Guess what? You DON'T! Re-post if you are against bullying. I bet 99% of you won't, but REPOST this if you're that 1% with a heart.***


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I'll add pretty much anything I feel like adding.Like poetry,short stories,random thoughts,etc.


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Tigure Hime Report | 02/14/2017 9:20 pm
Tigure Hime
i dont plan on ever playing runescape

and im in california xD
Tigure Hime Report | 02/10/2017 7:14 pm
Tigure Hime
click the my kin button and in there you can rename them
Tigure Hime Report | 02/10/2017 7:11 pm
Tigure Hime

Your train of comments and questions xD

1. i moved on to many a differnt mmos and runsecape stopd working on my browsers when i moved so i litterly stopd playing it when it never loaded on the screen.
2. archeage is cool but its Limiting game play makes it for a rough GRINDY very grindy grind your a** of 24/7 and your still not doing enough game
and if your not paying your weekly taxes on your mulitple famrs you Loose them and then they get deleted in your mail.
and also Im from NA so playing on the EU server i Get alot of a*****e ppl and Not Enough friends to Play with so playing a 24/7 grindy game that requires ppl to play with you
is impossible.

oh and on the rename you just click rename lol.
did i get all the questions...
Xiao Kaiserin Report | 01/26/2017 9:06 am
Xiao  Kaiserin
--taps glass making it disappear- ah-- its nothing XD

I think I surpass what everyone calls organized --- I'm the OCD kid of the music world
User Image
and those are just samples that they are -nod nod- inside those are ID3 Tagged organized set by album order >country of Origin y so on-- ^^;;
sometimes I think I feel sorry for her--- sometimes---- I wish chu all luck over there @x@
Xiao Kaiserin Report | 01/23/2017 11:00 am
Xiao  Kaiserin
try it out~~~ might work--- its 3m
oh-- some bought some given to me all 20somethingK of it XD I'm serious about music just as I am serious about my gundams~~
I have no comment on the new President of the US--- but some of the memes are funny as hell and I can't help but laugh at em xd
Tigure Hime Report | 01/23/2017 9:21 am
Tigure Hime
>o> if u like to sing i like useing tiny chat :3
Tigure Hime Report | 01/23/2017 9:19 am
Tigure Hime
im 31
and no instagram

runescape use to be my VERY FIRST MMO
oA o.............. OMGOD PPL STILL PLAY /crack up
my current mmo im trying to remove my farmland and items before i quit is archeage xD i have the link on my profile.
and im pretty sertain that person that was anoying me was in there 20s

she was just pissed off i blockd her cus she was trying to anoy me with her " i demand A answer for why your visiting my profile and another persons profile "
I didnt want to deal with her bs so i blockd it . then i get on towns that day cus of the rainstorm keeping me up all morning. and then i run into her and a side kick troll.

User Image

i didnt slay my dragon i waited 2 month + for daily tokens and bought it >O> named it toothless
then gaia gets the nameing feature and i did this.
User Image
Tigure Hime Report | 01/22/2017 1:40 pm
Tigure Hime
they were saying things like EEEEEEEEEW YOUR 31 growseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Your a *****. EVERYONE LOOK OUT YOUR GONA GET STALKD...

like what do u do to ppl lke that ?
Tigure Hime Report | 01/22/2017 1:39 pm
Tigure Hime
i just watched a movie ate avacado and chips for breakfast before that was instant coffee and instant noodles..

then i playd gaia
a Ex friend tried to troll me and calld me a ***** then got her alt and a friend in it too.

Then after i Blockd them i went and playd a differnt game and watched a movie while i afkd in it for tokens.

biggrin such is the life of gaia
Come online earlyer then normal cus wind/rain storm was howling like a monster and was keeping me awake. so i woke up and had coffee soup and Then I get trolld on gaia.

life sure likes to take dumps on you ^ _ ^
Tigure Hime Report | 01/22/2017 12:01 pm
Tigure Hime
oh mai gdragon spasum xDDD


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