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The face behind the pixels ♥

Kitsupon is my onee-chan!♥
Minyeong Park is my irl sister c:

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Hi I'm Chloe. I'm not that usual person cause I mess a lot.
I've been playing gaia since '10 and up to now. I'm nice if you are too. I don't care about the hates It has nothing to do with my life. KDealWithIt. I chill at towns but I'm in CB most of the time. I'm talkative, weird, flirt, and sometimes a hater. I'm fun to be with esp. when you get to know me more. I don't bite just because I have teeth. I hate spiders and you. I'm into rock bands and forever a Parawhore
and I have a major crush on Andy Sixx ♥.

Major facts about me:
• My first name is Silk. It's kinda unique right?
• I can sing and play guitar.
• I can speak engrish with a british accent. (It's a hidden talent)
• I'm an Asian and I live in the Philippines.
• I'm 19 years old and I sht on every 5th of Nov.
• I randomly gift when I have enough.

Forever thankful to those anon's who gifted me and to all those who helped me to achieve my dream items *huggles* *kissu*
Minty Latte