If i've ever done weird things to u just ignore it bc im a fking socially inept and dumb cave man


Location: In the Bifrost

Birthday: 01/10

call me mingh. with an H. also about me.

this is a heads up. i'm not one of those cool or cute people, getting to know me is pointless.

i dont know how to socialize and honestly kinda hate it so if i get on your nerve in some convo know that i didnt do it on purpose and it's best if you just tell me or ignore me for ever whichever works best for ya.

I hate small talk. due to my lack of interest in people. it really bothers me when people randomly ask me how are you bc for me, these are usless chatters. i'm really the last person you wanna go to for daily chatters. this is how boring i am. i don't wanna know about others and i don't want others to know about me things i feel like they don't need to know, including my day

also i'm a pt cool person if you don't try mentioning shipping cause i'd just talk to you about our lord and saviour cresolae and you'll hate me if you don't like the pair

so for the sake of having fun let's just not talk about it unless you share my shipping views

extra edit: i block people who have been very rude. and there isn't a lot. i make thread fully knowing these people won't see it, but it's what you get for literally pissing on everything you see. i'm not gonna take in negativity in my threads for no good reason.

basically my life

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#1 cresolae fan. ******** yeah.

long story short:

i love these two in the sense of wanting to see THEM together, and not in the sense of me wanting to ******** them

if you're one of those who likes NPCs bc you want to ******** one of them especially one of these two, get out of my face, do not speak of it to me, and we can pretend that everything's still good.

Basically, I hate mary sues. do not tell me you are one, or else just don't remind me you exist o u o)/

i am an incredibly laied back person bc i don't really have the energy to deal with dumbasses but i will be a b***h about things i give a crap about and this is one of them. so don't come around and ruin my fun when you don't know s**t about it. if you are interested in getting to know me, well, don't mention anything you dislike about cresolae because you have a poor understanding of their characters, we'll get along very fine.



female, asian, chinese to be specific, asexual, 20 y/o animation college student living in canada. i actually suck at animation lmao

please don't try to add me, period. add me on the other one for all i care but this one is some place i try and be quiet most of the time.

plus, the longer you know me, the more of my s**t personality would appear to you, so 0/10 would not recommend

i like a lot of things like everyone on the interet, like cats, food, sleep, nothing unusual.

however i do have an unhealthy obssession over my OTPs and whatnot. maybe butts too.

and cresolae. if you've ever heard of me that's definitly bc of cresolae. lol

i draw yaoi, and pron. that got me banned for a while back. yeah
but hey now they have tentacl so i post my s**t up there now lololol

getting very tired about gaia's shits. i'm gonna be talking way less. don't hit me if i don't reply pls

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cresolae is my passion
pixels by the fabulous osonio

Sick as hell and hurting all over
looking forward to the weekly manga and THE mini comic
Also P key not working well


emerald ticket achieved on june 9th

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actual human beings talking to me

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Spyrite Report | 09/20/2014 10:48 pm
You're welcome, bud. BTW, super adorable avi. ^^
Mizu Eki Report | 09/19/2014 6:01 pm
I don't sell stuff I got from people so you've just added to the pile /screams

Doesn't sound very pleasant o H o
I hate it when people touch my stuff without my permission = o = I have a colleague who just help herself to the stuff on my desk just bc I'm conveniently located in front of her >_> It's p annoying to keep finding my stuff disappearing/ finishing. I've been hiding stuff in my drawer and locking it nowadays pffft
Mizu Eki Report | 09/18/2014 11:49 pm
Mmm okay~ Wai you gimme more things o H o

Eurgh so many people. Swap it with a tube of wasabi emotion_awesome
Or get her to buy a new one when the current one is used up
Mizu Eki Report | 09/18/2014 10:26 pm
For growing mushrooms on emotion_awesome

Don't your roommate have her own toothpaste o H o
Go use her shampoo or something.
spirit box Report | 09/16/2014 2:59 pm
Loved your entry for the male MC avi contest heart
Lyanda Report | 09/13/2014 8:53 pm
Good job, brain.

Got a bunch of roomates (or "suitemates" wink , with one living in the same room.
Not too bad, too much freedom, too lazy to cook half of the time and homesick even after 2 weeks.
Hotarla Report | 09/13/2014 5:54 pm
lool well what did you expect? of course they start you off easy and then they load everything on you! XD;;
your campus looks nice...c: when we drove by, I was like "OH MINGHII GOES THERE NAOW!" *goes to stalk you* ninja

Ohh the basement! XD do you have the basement to yourself or...? how are you living conditions like? O:
ahh it'll be nice in summer but it'll be cold in winter...Ox unless you have heat down there? c: if not......BUY LOTS OF PILLOWS AND BLANKETS! go make Cresolae pillow cases!

Squishy Villager Report | 09/13/2014 5:42 am


Your avatar is perfect. Kay.
I wasn't here

Lyanda Report | 09/12/2014 8:43 pm
LOL you posted porn emotion_awesome
good one, good one emotion_dowant

lol you lazy a**
how's school btw
Hotarla Report | 09/12/2014 8:37 pm
that's good, that's good! how's your workload so far? is it okay? c:
I'm good myself but gosh its gotten cold these past two days! not that I mind, this is pretty mild still...XD

*listens to Free! Iwatobi Swim Club OSTs* xD FEEL GOOD MUSIC DOODDD~ (even though I've NEVER watched it, I listen to the music)

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[NPC] Nicolae
[NPC] Cresento

i strongly know they're in love of each other bYE

my main account

my dreams are:
1. get better in arting
2. get rich
3. get ripped
4. get in the gaia manga. somehow.
5. get a lotta gold

but most imortantly:
1. get nicolae and cresento together