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Bow before the pixel Aku!! His awe-inspiring evil shall conquer your soul!!



๐“”๐”‚๐“ฎ๐“ผ ๐“ธ๐“ท...


Alternate Form

Laurentian Demoness

Occupation: Owner of The Gentleman's Lounge in Havelock Haven


Fade out - Becoming invisible by allowing light to pass through herself.

Shadow Manipulation - Can control shadows
โ‡’ Creating solid matter to form inanimate objects.
โ‡’ Animate shadows
โ†ชInfluencing objects by touching and/or controlling it's shadow
โ†ชCreate minions to do bidding
โ‡’ Erect structure
โ†ชCan create anything from simple domes to elaborate buildings.


Flurry of Blades
โ‡’ Sprouting six black angelic wings with razor sharp feathers, she spins about to launch the feathers like projectiles at her target.

โ‡’ Manifesting a barbed whip she weilds this as a secondary weapon.

โ‡’ Minerva favors her claws as primary melee weaponry, which grow to encase her hand and elongate to a foot and a half. These claws are immensely sharp and can cut through nearly anything. They're also quite flexible to prevent breaking.

Hand to hand
โ‡’ With her being combat oriented during her off time in "The Core" she dedicated much of her time to the martial arts. Having studied many forms she adapts each into a style of her own.


Radius = 40 feet Dmg type = Impact
โ‡’ A surge of energy so thick and heavy that it's sudden expulsion crushes everything in it's path.

"Acid Rain"
Radius = 25 feet Dmg type = Corrosion
โ‡’ Sending energy into the sky above she manifests black clouds that rain thick droplets of ooze which eat into and burn everything it touches.

"Last Resort"
Radius = 3 miles Dmg type = Energy
โ‡’ In the heat of war, Minerva's species refined the ability to send every cell in their bodies into an atomic state, creating explosions that left craters the size of cities all over their home dimension. It is indeed a last resort, as the demon or demoness that triggers this ability will not survive and will be incapable of reincarnation.

The Core

A realm where two dominant races were constantly competing against one another. The Laurentians, and The Antrocians. Demonic beings in the views of most humans for their horns and grand wings, as well as short temperaments. Minerva hails from Laurentia, daughter to the captain of the King's personal order of knights. She grew up in the throes of constant battle, being a race that knows no end to life due to reincarnation, her kin had developed a quick thirst for blood shed. Particularly against the opposing house of Antroc.

Every so often an event would occur to dramatically shift the balance of power, sending one house into superiority over the other and for two centuries [earth realm time] the Laurentians held the power over The Core, until another event of such magnitude took place in which they were near completely wiped out.

Aether Twins, it was called, when two beings resonated with one another so clearly that a great bond could be forged, for benefit or corruption. Those of benefit would know a relation with one another that could bring prosperity and greatness to both houses, whereas that of corruption casts a shadow of darkness over the entire planet, sending the realm into chaos and discord.

It was on the brink of such an event that Minerva had been a youngling, just old enough to understand the concepts of war and all it entailed, when a Bond of Corruption had reached it's peak, sending a pair of expertly trained killers loose in the center of the Laurentian stronghold.
The Antrocians saw the moment to strike, yet they only took the outer wall to discover the entire realm in shambles. Most everyone had been decimated in the initial battle or by looters. The only survivor they came across was little Minerva, having been able to defend herself from even her own people.

A woman named Helveltca and her twin brother Hathor had taken her under their wing as a pet. The last of her kind, it was only fitting that her life was given to the head of the Antroc family. For much of her ageless life she worked for them, first as a chamber maid, then as a secretary once the Twins came into power of The Core.


Minerva, as a part of her culture had massive black wings that had a total span of twenty feet. These were a sign of power in her culture, as well as for the Antrocs. To only possess one wing in their realm was to be shamed, either from punishment or the humiliation of physical damage from battle. Having hollow bones, the wings of a Laurentian or an Antroc were their weakest point, due to their rapid healing bone shards would easily lodge themselves into the surrounding muscle and heal into place, causing them great pain. For this reason both sides took to cutting and impaling weapons as opposed to blunt force, but I digress...

When she refused to allow Hathor use her as he pleased, Minerva struck him down and nearly killed the twin for attempting to take what he wanted from her. For this she was beaten severely and her right wing was torn from her back, a punishment bestowed upon her by Helveltca herself with much glee. She managed to keep Hathor from abusing her again, but the suffering only compounded when it came to his sister.

Many more centuries [earth realm time] had passed before she was given any sort of privilege again, this time being a trip to the realm they called 'The Surface'. A place where they had something called a Sun that lit up the sky only half the time instead of the Red Aether which constantly illuminated The Core in a perpetual red glow.

Upon her arrival she found herself at a derelict bar named The Halcyon, there she met Legacis and his best friend BlackWind where she took up the role of bartender in order to interact with people from this place which was utterly new to her, and evidently fell in love for a brief time with her polar opposite Legacis, whom was a being of pure light and a King of his own home realm. Unfortunately it was not meant to last, as through a misunderstanding of her efforts to help a friend Legacis accused her of being unfaithful, this broke her fragile heart and she left him.

Through the efforts of her friend Ulysses she developed a better understanding of the way the Terran world works, and came into her powers fully. With self confidence restored she returned to The Core with a warrior loaned to her by Ulysses and demolished the Antrocian rule over her homeworld, claiming it for herself. After ensuring that every last Antrocian was eliminated she ushered in a new burst of evolution, due to the violent temporal storms which ravaged her world a new dominant species emerged, she called them the Urodelans, due to their ancestors being massive six legged carnivorous salamanders.

She now watches over her world as Matriarch, revered as a Mother Goddess by her people.


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--Mighty_Queen_of_Seals-- Report | 08/15/2016 12:21 pm
I wanna see your new tattoo!!!!>w< I am getting my first one next month for my Birthday. smile
Ulysses K Devlin Report | 06/19/2016 4:07 am
Well hello beautiful,

I hadn't expected to receive a comment on my profile, but a welcomed surprise indeed. The pleasure has all been mine, between the adventure and the invaluable skill of storytelling that you've been helping me develop, I hope this continues as strongly as it has been for the coming years as well. I always look forward to the next installment.