random sh*t about me.

timezone: gmt+11 / aedt.
orientation: pan.
status: taken. uwu.
sign: virgo sun.
mbti: infj-t.
enneagram: type 2w3. self-preservation variant.

wow, who would read this.

dun dun dun. call me min, or yoong. or whatever the hell you wanna call me. i used to be called marie, but that was a phase. it's not my actual name. real name will never be found out. never. unless we're very very close and i trust you and you very politely ask. which may take a few years.

please refer to me in they/them pronouns!

i've been a gaian since '08, having had, like, idk ten accounts in the past. jesus. i was actually really young back then, so that was embarrassing. i'm still in my teens now, so you can imagine how old i was when i started. shudders. nightmare fuel. it's one of those embarrassing things i start thinking about at 3am when i can't go to sleep and end up crying.

stopped playing gaia in around...hell, idk. 2012, 2013? pre-inflation period. but now i wanna get back into the game only to realise that what the f*ck, everything is so expensive now. but i'm willing to be just as hip and trendy as the youngins now (nvm you're all probably older than i am) so please help this old pal fulfil everything in their wishlist so they can look pretty.

haha fun fact i used to roleplay here but now i roleplay on twitter where there is no such thing as literacy anymore.

also, i'm a bangtan and girl group enthusiast. i also really, really like infinite - among other groups. i just like listening to k-pop, man. open to any other genre of music, though. i listen to anything.

(i really ******** love min yoongi.)

not-so-avid drama watcher, but i do love me some good k-dramas from time to time. though i never end up finishing them because i get too distracted or too lazy or too busy.

uh, let's be friends?

o look at that i write fic
min yoongles