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If your reading this then its about me .///.

My name is Mimi
I've been hacked :/ and i was very sad and bummed about it
my main account was mimi_loverz123 but now its gone .__.
my favorite color is baby blue >w< ◦ ^‿^
i am _? years old not gonna tell ya till i know ya lol >w<
im funny ,nice,crazy, weird ,random and im proud of it
im a tomboy >w<
i like to feel the fresh air :'D
i dislike hackers and dark chocolate :/
my favorite animal is a penguin <3 as u can see the penguin is on me pro :3
my favorite thing to do is be on the computer to be on gaia here and there ,draw,meet new people , listen to music,play pokemon (currently moon) and text friends. ♪ ♫
im asain :3 ◦◕w◕
im catholic ;3
and I would like to make lots of friends while im online and have good times :l3
If you want avi art pm me
btw I'm looking for peeps to draw some of my avi's >w> pm me
well thats all i have to say l:3
if u wanna know more about me PM me = 3
also im always bored =.='' :3

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My dream avi's :]

Me as a Pokemon Trainer

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To be part dog C:

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My main dream avi i wud like to accomplish <3
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Panda lover chan :3

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Mystery Mist Of The Silver Moon

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Angelic Dreamer

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Midnight Nightmare

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My second Dream avi i wud like to accomplish <33

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Girl Version of Peter Pan

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Girl Version Of Marluxia From Kingdom Hearts

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Dark Blessings

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And last but not least my 3rd dream avi that i wud like to
accomplish <333

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To be an S-Pop Idol

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Xandra-Rouge Rose Report | 12/08/2016 7:13 pm
Xandra-Rouge Rose
same i been good too busy with work its good to hear from ya again
Xandra-Rouge Rose Report | 12/06/2016 9:56 pm
Xandra-Rouge Rose
and thank you xP
Xandra-Rouge Rose Report | 12/06/2016 9:55 pm
Xandra-Rouge Rose
its been sooooooooooooooooooo long how ya been i miss you
Puru Puri Report | 12/04/2015 10:38 pm
Puru Puri
I am stressing over life. I am sorry about school. It is tough.
Puru Puri Report | 11/30/2015 11:50 pm
Puru Puri
How are you darling?
Puru Puri Report | 11/29/2015 9:29 pm
Puru Puri


Sockathan Report | 03/18/2015 9:30 am
Yes, ma'am, I shall emotion_dowant
I'm also watching anime that I've seen before, but are my favorites or just classics!
So, I can just drop those away. I need to watch FMA Brotherhood, because I haven't seen it yet. I saw the first season, but totally forgot a lot and the characters ugh D:
I know there's Windy and Edward, but that's all I could remember, hehe.
So, I might start over from scratch, and while I'm at it, I'll watch Tokyo Ghoul.
Yes, I will stay on Gaya, even till it ends!
Love ya heart
Sockathan Report | 03/16/2015 8:28 pm
Aw, sweety. I'm glad I've made your day.
Apparently, I have Tokyo Ghoul in my list of anime to watch ( even ones that I want to watch, again )
Plus, manga takes so long to process, and anime explains the plot to me better.
I've been watching a lot of Reverse Harem and Yaoi lately
I can't control myself!
As long as you're around on Gaia, I can't ask for anything better~
Sockathan Report | 03/06/2015 3:32 pm
Neither can I, but Gaia is just important to leave because of the people I met, especially you.
I try my best to keep track with my anime, although I've forgot the ones I careless. Except, the recent ones
I don't know, There's a 45% chance that I'll graduate in high school. But, I have other tricks up my sleeves to get my diploma.
I check this site almost every other day. blaugh
Sockathan Report | 02/01/2015 6:46 pm
It's okay~
I check Gaia every few hours a day; lame. sweatdrop
How was your January?
you been boomed
iRima Mashiro
Alucard Daemon
louis tha cali skunk
Grim Wolfen
Dilusional Vi-Vi
D O R K A S A U R o 3 o
Shinji Tetsuma
The Nexus Embodied
Apple Tinii
Okami of Hearts
Puru Puri
 xiv Kairi xiv
Raging Peanut
Miyoko Fumiyame

PENGUINs!!! <3

A row of my Best Frwiends and Frwiends <3 :3(no order )


my bros <333

my hacked account T-T

my uncle<3

sis <3

You may be in a situation where you dont know how to fix it,it will take some time to figure it out, sometimes u ask ur friends for advice, maybe it will help u out a bit, and somtimes it only takes for u figure it out, in the end watever situation u were in it will all be better.

I've cried alot to be honest from things that have been happening in my life,worrying about my future, and for others that i dont even kno.
Rather if i will get a good education
The people i care and love will be safe
If i can become the person i wanted to be
The people who are in need will soon get what they need
My bond with God is strong
and for peace to happen, i kno that wars have ended
but theres still not peace in the world.
Like people who are ill and cant be cured cuz they dont have the money to be healed
People whom dont even have a home
Children who couldnt even get a good education
People who dont even kno right from wrong
All I kno is that if u believe and have faith then nothing wud really matter. Cuz u kno theres someone out there to look out after u even if there dead or alive. And u can make a big difference in your life and the world no matter who u are and wat u look like.

Avi art :DDDdone by Raging Peanut>w>

she ish such a fantastic artist :3

I have regrets i have in life and i kno im not the only one
its hard to forget it
its hard to get over it
it may take time
or it may take forever
-sigh- u just got to move on
its just something that has
happened in the past and
its the present now, the time to
start do things u wont have to
regret at all every tomarrow
is a new tomarrow a new day
to start fresh.

I have a LONG wishlist
i kno do i want all
the items? no duh
who wudnt want all
the items on their
wishlist ?I actually
wish i had all that
stuff but it can be
a bad thing cuz
theres people who
wud hack u of course
they dont kno how
hard u worked to
get them they dont
kno how much time
u spent and they
dont kno how much it
makes u feel hey this
may be just some website
or game but when u
cheat thats just
not cool hackers,who
are desperate people
to be honest im
desperate,but i dont
go hacking people,
its just wrong,
ive been hacked
like 3 times
and my friends
been to it for it
to cost them to quit gaia.
I miss them alot
so plzz if u
happen to be a
hacker just stop
it cuz u
dont kno wat
may come right back
at u theres no point
to it at all im
just being honest
im not trying
to be rude or
its alright to
change especially if
its for the better for
yourself and everyone. :]

If u guys see the security emote just press on it and the dream avi will show up :] thx

Welcome ;]

Yet another fantastic artist !

Yes it's normal to like others more then as a friend
because we all have our crushes like i do.(not celebrities im mentioning of coarse people you've been around or have known)But the thing is many of us don't have the guts to tell that person how we feel. And I am one of them. There was many times i thought about telling the person how i felt but i thought of all the negatives that can come out of it. My friend once told me that he got denied many times but he said it doesn't matter because it just means your getting alot closer and closer to the right person, when you tell someone something that you have been meaning to tell them for a long time really lets all the weight off your shoulders when you do tell them and you shouldn't be sad that you got denied because you really didn't loose anything because all the pressure on you and weight off your shoulders. Some of you are like well you lose your friend and now its going to be awkward whenever i see the person again. Well that's true but if he/she decides not to talk to you then so be it. That means that they just can't accept it. One of the main reasons of coarse. And besides it's not like you are only going to like him or her FOREVER. Many of us move on and if your of those people that love only one person then I support you because that is hard... Anywho what im trying to say is if you truly do love him/her just let them no know. Because you never know if that person could feel the same way or go the other way around but just know that you tried and he or she should know that it took FREAKING GUTS to do something like that. A very risky task but it's worth it. (Yes your probably saying why should i listen to you ? You never even confess to noone. (I post this not to long ago lets say past like 2011 now to present) Actually recently I have confessed to my crush. Long story short I was technically denied but was I sad? Yes but I felt good and sad at the same time. :] I thought I would be depressed for a while but I moved on and still have little feelings for that person now. I guess you can say some lingering feelings but its okie. I'm totally cool now. We remained as friends. :]

Okie this was alot shorter in my head but if you truly read the whole thing. I hope it helped youeven if it's a little bit :P xD And thx for taking the time to read it to :]

I kno life may be hard and not simple
but just make every day the best :]