Yeah... Milo-face. Thanks, Totto! ;o; <33

I've been here awhile and that's what counts. Me>You. End of story.

Not really. :/ You're pretty ********' cool.

I've had a lotta names (Bi Bear, Corn Flake, Flakey, etc.), but Milo works best. ;3

I like free art, cuz drawing your own stuff isn't as fulfilling. Not to say that I'm a bad artist. a** hole.

I'm an avid Dir en grey fan, maybe not as hardcore as Totto, but thereabouts.

I'll listen to most things, as long as it's not shitty rap about your bitches and bling. Or shitty country. Sixties and seventies dance music is out of the question. But everything else is good. ;D

Bri is the best person I know. There.

Uhmmm... Uhhhhh... ; 3; <3

(Bye now)