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Hello~! My name is Megan ♥ I go by many other names such as Princess, Kitten, Megane, Meghime, Mecchi, and Panda Pants ♥ Please feel free to call me any nicknames you see being used ♥ Ah I am a cisgendered, pansexual female! I’m very passionate about animals, and once I move in with my boyfriend I will pursue being an animal caretaker ♥ And speaking of my boyfriend, I have been with him for 4 years now~! You’ll see me talking about him very often ♥ I love fashion and kpop very much and pretty much anything pink, frilly, lacey, and adorable ♥ I can be quite the shy person at first but I really open up act crazy to people I care about o or just latch onto quickly ! It could take years or a week for me to start opening up to you ahh it really just depends ? But either way I like to think of myself as a kind and caring person ♥ I am also quite the strong girl even if I may not look it ♥ Ah anyways I hope you choose to be my friend ♥