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Hi, my name is Jenny,
I'm from Australia.

Dumb things make me excited.
I can draw okay, and wouldn't mind the practice so hit me up.
Or maybe even check out my page.
I play lots of video games, mainly League of Legends.

I've moved out, it's kind of scary and lonely!
Studying game art and animation, blehh

Currently Playing: League of Legends, TOUKEN RANBU
Currently Watching: Steins Gate RUNNING MAN!
Currently Questing: Mesmerising Dealer, HERBAL SYNTHESIS!

Thanks to:
folktales, Mikirani, Venomgirly, Pastel Wishes and many others for wonderful gifts!
Don't worry I haven't forgotten you!

Special thanks to Manasa95, aah I love you! But you need to stop spoiling me!

Comment me.

My babus and I <3

Hit me up on skype or tumblr or something. :o)
or even twitter


Please quote me!
I also draw derpy things, please click or PM me details!
Or free stuff maybe.

Questing: Herbal Synthesisx3

I also made a twitter.

Thanks for the support!