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Why the Name? Story behind ‘MILK’
Okay, so lately (after being a member of GaiaOnline for six years) I have been asked “why milk?” by many of the members here on Gaia. Why not something else? And my simple answer is well "I love milk". I drink it almost every day and at great amounts. It’s just something I like, couldn't say why really. But why actually use it for my gaian name?

Well the story goes like this; my cousin is the one who introduced me to Gaia. She was bored one night and as pre-usually we were killing boredom by chatting over MSN. She kept talking about “Kicking Trees” and I was like, "What the hell?" Then she suggested that I go kick trees with her. So being extremely bored I went to GaiaOnline in the hopes of kicking trees. At the time I didn't know what Gaia was and after a week of going without MILK, Gosh! I was enjoying a cold glass (of MILK) and talking to Nikki, Angry Psycho, about what name I should give my avi. While expressing how much I truly love MILK... I blurted out MILKISGREAT! And so it became my GaiaOnline avi name.

I don't use the name ‘milkisgreat’ for any of my other community based accounts either. It was just me being goofy, odd, bored and without milk for a week that lead to my avi girl gaining the name ‘milkisgreat’. In addition, I would never dream of changing her name either. Don't ask me why but she wouldn't be the same without the name, milkisgreat.




About Me

Hello, my name is Danielle.
I actually really hate my name; therefore, I go by Dee. I am currently studying Radio and Television Broadcasting at Tarrant County College. I'm a really big geek! I love television, film, podcasts, going to conventions, and well a lot of other extremely geeky things. I am also very creative. I enjoy doing arty things like photography, art/ sketching, and doing crafts. I find building stuff from other things delightful. I'm also a crazy cat lady... I treat my cat 'Ronick' like he's my child. Umm I think that's pretty much all there is to know about me.
P.S. I enjoy P.M. &&& Free ART

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