✖ ---- Welcome ---- ✖

i'm Milky nice to meet you
Going 17 this October 9 and also a Filipina
I love games , Doing arts , Singing
anime, hmm like almost everything maybe xD

i want to hang out with my friends
i'm a nice and easy going person that wants
to chill with you if you don't cause me any troubles
there's nothing much that i need to tell you
but you will know if you'll get to know me

Talk to me , i don't mind at all because
I want people to feel Comfortable with me
so feel free to act for who you are

I love my Hunny here <3
Because of him he made my heart open
i feel safe with him
he's mine :u
meow Mashhtaah

i also love my family and friends
wishing about their happiness
and live their lives to the fullest
Forgetting worries and
negative thoughts behind >u<




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Tigure Hime

Report | 03/13/2015 5:42 pm

Tigure Hime

heart heart heart heart yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi
Jell-O Shot B tch

Report | 03/05/2015 10:53 am

Jell-O Shot B tch

Very cute avatar!
Thanks for buying, I hope it complements your outfit perfectly.

Happiness and success to you. Peace.

Report | 03/04/2015 6:31 pm


Thank you for buying smile
Fallen Cataclysm

Report | 02/28/2015 8:31 pm

Fallen Cataclysm

Mama Milk! xd
Pikachu x Dono -PH-

Report | 02/28/2015 3:07 am

Pikachu x Dono -PH-

eyyy parang pupunta si milkita a! B)
Pikachu x Dono -PH-

Report | 02/27/2015 6:02 pm

Pikachu x Dono -PH-

hahaha sali kayo a! sasali kaya ako B) xD
para naman magka bonding ulit tayo nina lushky! biggrin
hahaha miss you guys! B)
Pikachu x Dono -PH-

Report | 02/27/2015 3:54 am

Pikachu x Dono -PH-

hahaha partner na partner kayo ,milkita a B)
xD musta na? biggrin long time no see and talk again~ wahahaha B)
sali kayo buka sa PH ball? smile
Tigure Hime

Report | 02/25/2015 4:33 am

Tigure Hime

adorable profile xD
Xiao  Kaiserin

Report | 02/22/2015 4:49 pm

Xiao Kaiserin

It's all good~~ I'm glad to hear~ heart
Miss you too~~ Everyone is alright~ [well those i can keep up with] emotion_hug emotion_bigheart
-takes 3/4 of work from you- o^o
Xiao  Kaiserin

Report | 02/21/2015 6:50 pm

Xiao Kaiserin

Millk~~~ *jump-hugs* emotion_hug
How are you~~? emotion_bigheart