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hi. i'm sarah elizabeth. you can call me sarah or liz.
i like food and sleep and drawing and sleep and food and sleep.
i also like to be warm and wear big sweaters and listen to some beastie boys or j-pop or even some golf wang idk
i say 'man' and 'n***a' a lot. i'm just chill like that, okay.
some times i care a lot but woops, people suck some times too.
i am a senior in high school and i'm quite lazy with school. i somehow do okay lol.
i'm white but act asian. sorry senpai qq
i also like frilly s**t but i also like to smoke pot. kawaii desu man.
bd: 28/9/97 turnin' 18 yo
anyway, nice to meet you.

3ds friend code: 0662 - 4957 - 9993
i play pokemon and animal crossing and s**t
snapchat: lizu.uguu
kik: lizu.uguu
twitter: @milkuchandesu
cocoppa play: milku - invitation: 4be2f8d6
minime: rizu - invitation: 958280703

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