About been on gaia for 7 years now
i currently am married on gaia
i am fixing on turning 32 on march 31st
i have a cat named miley who is my daughter in a cats body
i am an Aries in love with a pieces and i have no desire to cheat on my love so don't even try to flirt with me cause if you continue to harass me i will ignore you you have been warned >>
just had major surgery on my lower back and got outta rehab after 2 weeks currently recovering but in home care so if im online and i don't replay im probably in physical
therapy or my support staff is at my apartment and i had to listen to them or focus on them so my apologies to anyone if you think im ignoring you which im not surprised
laura is my real name i love coffee cats are my favorite animal i love disney movies even though im in my 30s idc who knows i love the color purple but most of all i love my boyfriend vernon he is my everything and also i love my cat miley they give me reason to live to wake up each morning to smile to fight this battle to learn to walk again so one day we can all be a family one day when the timing is right

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miley my love and my best friend a cat is indeed a girls best friend <3