"So may times we have been fallen,
So many times I've heard you swearing that we're through,
As many times you have come crawling,
Cause noone else can ease your pain the way I do..."

Name: Emmi
Nicknames: Evelyn, Evy, Miku
Age: 21
Location: Finland
Bloodtype: A

- Vampires
- Cats
- Dogs
- Snakes
- Rats
- Japanese culture
- Anime
- Manga
- Summer
- Dead-baby-jokes
- Sarcastic people
- Horror movies and books
- Ghost stories
- Metal and rock music
- Candles
- Wolves

- Racists
- Mice
- Labels
- Bugs
- Coffee
- Mornings
- Spiders

- Kamelot
- Sonata Arctica
- Tori Amos
- Arctic Monkeys
- Leaves' Eyes
- Blackmore's Night
- The Birthday Massacre
- Aural Vampire
- Firewind
- Nightwish
- Mew
- Altaria
- Husky Rescue
- Panic! At The Disco
- Good Charlotte

- Ergo Proxy
- Vampire knight
- Requiem From The Darkness
- Berserk
- Black Lagoon
- Hellsing
- Azumanga Daioh



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Lezard Alexandre

Report | 04/21/2009 6:59 am

Lezard Alexandre

Dead again?

Report | 03/02/2009 1:58 pm


User Image raawr.
Lezard Alexandre

Report | 03/01/2009 7:26 am

Lezard Alexandre

Lol yeah it does XP

Aaaah i just finished Uni, i am getting my diploma on march 28 and i am going to live in another city. And single its great , more free time for yourself?

Report | 02/27/2009 7:57 am


yea, I feel as if I haven't done much of anything either. User Image
Lezard Alexandre

Report | 02/27/2009 4:31 am

Lezard Alexandre

Wow! hello there! lest share knowledge and create magic! XD

I think you were dead or something, what are you up to? <3

Report | 02/26/2009 2:18 pm


I'm trying to go into television broadcasting as my major. You have winter break now? User Image
Yuliana Evelien Ray

Report | 02/26/2009 6:11 am

Yuliana Evelien Ray

i'm still a high schooler but i'm in my last year so after this i plan on getting a job so i can get an apartment and move out of my parents house.

Report | 02/25/2009 2:51 pm


it's all hard. I'm struggling to pass my classes. >.<
Yuliana Evelien Ray

Report | 02/25/2009 9:59 am

Yuliana Evelien Ray

thank you. my i'm good. right now i'm in government working on a project. and its a pain in the butt, but i'm used to it now. i've had soooo many projects.

what about you? how are you?
Yuliana Evelien Ray

Report | 02/25/2009 9:16 am

Yuliana Evelien Ray

thanks and that smexy red head was just one of those crazy spur of the moments kind a thing. i'm not so sure its true.... most of the guys at my school might say other words at that comment. ^^