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Since I get a lot of questions on here. Mind as well, answer them.

Q: Do you donate/give items away to me?
A: I don't do donations or give items away to you UNLESS you're on my profile, if not don't bother asking me.

Q: Would you Role-play with me?
A: Yes, I would gladly role-play with you, sent me a message or a comment.

Q: Skype/kik/omegle/facebook etc... (Social sites)
A: I like to keep my personal life separated from gaia. But If we're really good friends I would give you my Kik or Skype.


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~My Shop ~
If you see anything you like and it cost too much?
Im willing for a trade so PM me.
But please know that I can cancel the trade if I want or if needed.
The items you see at my shop are the lowest price I could go.
So look at the items and see what you want, you never know I could have that item from your wishlist at a low price.

I only sell rare items in forums

W e l c o m e
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I'm Chris or Cwis. There's nothing much to tell about myself, I'm 20 yours old but some people will mistake me for being too young... I am genderqueer and pansexual. I'm Taken by the most amazing guy ever ~ Ryan. Hehe glad he's mine. I am attending college to become an artist. I love making friends and meeting new people, even if I do get awkward, I apologize for that. And yes, I cough sexual words in the most awkward situations and I apologize for that too.
I love music, art, writing, cross-dressing and games. I'm a nerd at heart even if I try to be mature for my age.
Hmm... don't know what else to say? but if you want to get to know me more, sent me a message or a comment, I always reply back c:

Have a nice day ~

"I don't care what defines your sexuality and gender. I don't judge"

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