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Gender: Female

Location: Germany o__o

Birthday: 06/24/1991

Occupation: School T__T xD

do what you want xD

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My playlist <3

That's me ^___^

GAIANAME: miki kiritani (miki)
REALNAME: Isabella
NICKNAME: isi, isa, chicken, berserker, schokomonster,

that's me xD''...

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At first HELLO THERE! ^_____^
My name is miki and i'm a little strange something xD
I love sweet things but also dark things..eehm a little bit hard to explain x__x'' in my free time i love to going out with friends, going to the cinema, drawing, reading manga and some other stuff, shopping, cooking and listening to my favourite music.

I'm german and i'll try my best to write here everything in english ^__^ Don't be scared asking me some questions.
There will always be my holy dictionary by my side xDDD..

Thank you for reading this :3
*wave* ((^___^)/)

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That's Akuma my little baby x//D
Luv her so much q.q

~*~die heilige Pinnwand xD~*~

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PsyckoFinne Report | 06/30/2010 6:26 am
Ich bin jetzt wieder zurück in Dänemark, aber ich will sicher dort wieder fahren!
Wie geht es dir? Du muss mir erzählen alles was du das letzte laaaange Zeit gemacht hast. =P
PsyckoFinne Report | 06/23/2010 1:08 am
Glückliches Geburtstag!! mrgreen
Dieses Jahr war ich rechtszeitig. ^__^
Aber du war seit lange nicht an Gaia. )=
Hoffentlich hast du aber trotsdem ein "wunderschönes" Tag! =)
PsyckoFinne Report | 02/19/2010 2:18 pm
Ich habe mit dir in sooo lange nicht gesprecht. D:
Kommst du immer noch manchmal an Gaia, oder?
Und wie geht's mit dir? Hoffenlich wunderbar. =)
Ich Wohnte diesen Winter in Österreich, so es ist ein bisschen (a bissl ;P) schwierig wieder Hochdeutsch zu verwenden. xP
Tchütsie bis du nächste mal on-line kommst. ^^
PsyckoFinne Report | 06/28/2009 2:32 pm
Well, good that it's at least a little better. ^_^

Haha. xD Some people just have easier learning math than others..
I got top grades in Math and Danish, and crappy grades in the rest. xP

I was out celebrating that I'm done in "Gymnasium". That was a wild party! xD

Happy birthday! =D (Forgot to say that. :S)
iFxck_This_System Report | 06/22/2009 10:40 pm
Hai hai!! :3

...Glücklicher geburtstag!!! =D Umarmungen und küsse!! Lots of them!! =D

Sorry I don't talk to you much, hope we can talk later, have a ... Haben sie einen netten tag!! User Image
PsyckoFinne Report | 05/29/2009 3:04 pm
I'm glad you're getting some help. ^__^ Always nice to have some people to share your problems with. =)
The exams have started now. D: First one was today. Math. Really easy. ^__^ But the rest are gonna be hard. ='( And I haven't studied.. =S

When would you have to move?
PsyckoFinne Report | 05/09/2009 4:37 am
Yeah, we could dig some holes in the ice for our beds, and kill some polar bears whenever we got hungry. xD

You have to move out.. =S
Why does your mum have to choose between you and your stepfather?
I hope you'll manage to do just great on your own! You probably will. ^^
Thanks! I need that luck for the exams.. >__<

*Wave* =)
PsyckoFinne Report | 05/02/2009 5:45 am
Hehe, listening to your playlist now. =) Sounds nice so far. ^_^
Wow! That's early to get a sunburn. =O I'm only a little tanned, but that's because I'm hiding from the sun. xD
We should get rain tomorrow. ^_^ It's been a month since we last had a cloudy day! It's just mad! O_O
Haha, moving to the North Pole sounds like a great idea. xD I wanna move there too!
Yeah, I'm fine. =) Except that my exams have started. >_< But in a little more than one month I will have finished "Gymnasium"!!! biggrin
And how're you? ^_^

See you. :3
PsyckoFinne Report | 04/11/2009 12:24 pm
Hehe, who doesn't love sweets? xD
I'm looking forward to hear your new playlist. ^_^ I'm getting a bit bored of the music I have, so it's always nice to hear other people's playlists and see if there are some great bands I might like.

Same here!! =O
Last year we had snow in Easter, but this year.. >__< There hasn't even been a cloud. All sunshine and heat. I hate it!
You're the first I hear of, who also miss the snow and hate the sun. =)
Everybody else are just happy that the summer is starting early.. >_<

Liebe aus Dänemark. =)
PsyckoFinne Report | 03/31/2009 12:37 am
Hey Isa!
I'm back from a loong break from Gaia..
What happened to your profile? =O It got so bright, and the music is gone.
And how've you been?

lalalalala biggrin