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mike keoz

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Scarlets heart Report | 06/20/2015 4:03 pm
Scarlets heart
glad to have met you 4laugh
from love to pain Report | 08/22/2013 4:10 pm
from love to pain
from love to pain Report | 08/22/2013 3:36 pm
from love to pain
Sorry, went to go talk to a friend on Skype and then play some zOMG.

Well I hope you get it up and running soon.
I'm pretty broke so maybe a couple bets could get me up in the world. emotion_awesome
Couldn't you just open it without that for right now?
from love to pain Report | 08/22/2013 1:15 pm
from love to pain
What's the gold for? o.O
Don't people just throw their gold at each other? Haha.
from love to pain Report | 08/22/2013 1:07 pm
from love to pain
I was thinking about it. Been really tempted but it's so hard to convince myself it's a good idea. Hahaha.
That and we're having a raffle I was hoping you could help advertise for us.
from love to pain Report | 08/22/2013 12:22 pm
from love to pain
You get your casino back up yet?
the purple mew Report | 06/29/2013 10:21 am
the purple mew
Y-your avi wouldn't be DRRR would it?
Yes Milady Report | 03/12/2013 3:27 am
Yes Milady
I shall try and do so. Sadly it's late here and I have to go to bed! Have a good day/night!
Yes Milady Report | 03/12/2013 3:24 am
Yes Milady
Heheh, indeed they are. And it is~
Yes Milady Report | 03/12/2013 3:21 am
Yes Milady
Hoorah! Hopefully he won't give up on it. I think I kind of discouraged him when I posted on it. D:

May I take slot 44 for the raffle in the Casino? c:

I never usually risk these cause yeah... I have gambling problems in the arcade. ARCADE. xD But I'll try to promote your thread too~


im a nice guy come chat with me


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