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→ мιкαєℓ нαят ←

It’s Mikk, btw, or Mikael, or Hart, or whatever other variation or nickname you prefer (excluding Mike/Mikey.) Here are a few snippets of useful info on yours truly:

o1. I tend to laugh at everything and take very little seriously. This means that I have no qualms about laughing with you or at you (woops, that would be a bit rude). Don't take it personally, I’m not a malicious person–it’s just that I find the internet to be incredibly entertaining, and that’s what I tend to use it for –entertainment. (Then again, I pretty much read real life in the same way, and I also laugh at myself regularly.)

o2. I live in what Ocean refers to as “Someday,” meaning that my talents, skills, interests, and most of my life are shelved (into the land of procrastination) while my priorities are constantly shifting.

I have seasons for gaming, art, anime, writing, and reading –which are all things that most people on the internet seem to like to do. I also like to chill with my friends, be it at someone's house, or the store, or at tea stations, or the local diners –wherever.

o3. I am a bit of a critic, especially in the area of stories/story-telling/character concepts (character…anything). It’s a writer thing. I also have a penchant for rambling/obsessing/analyzing my current interests, so being acquainted with me means you’re going to hear a good bit of detailed interpretations, inarticulate babbling, and just…sometimes…often… outright crack. It’s going to be fun.

personality type: INFJ

descriptive words: contemplative . detail-appreciative/detail-oriented . easy-going . enthusiastic . indulgent . intellectual . klutzy . organized . passionate . procrastinative . quirky . realistically optimistic . sarcastic . silly . witty

Favorite Movies/Anime

Favorite TV Shows

Favorite Reads

Favorite Music/Bands



○ Dianna Wynne Jones: simple vocabulary, detailed descriptions, whimsical undertones, both witty and silly humor.

○ Megan Whalen Turner: a knack for breaking stereotypes, for attempting to get away with as much as a writer's skill can provide, for plot-twists, for cultural backgrounds, for character variety. A sense of balance where actions are followed by consequences.

○ Cynthia Voigt: simple vocabulary, character development, inner strength, connection between characters, breaking social norms and boundaries, rooting for the underdogs.

○ Mary Stewart: sentiment, aesthetics, flowing script, level-headed characters, characters who know and are content with certain limitations, situations being out of one's control or desire.

○ Miyamoto Kano: wallflower characters, connecting characters, slice-of-life tones, realism, realistic characters.