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Condescending Kankri Report | 01/17/2015 8:46 am
Hell9, Makara.

I d9 n9t appreciate the lack 9f c9nsistency with y9ur hair after y9u have g9ne s9 l9ng with9ut changing it.

6ut I supp9se I will make an excepti9n f9r this particular hairstyle, as it is less l9ng and unruly than the 9ther 9nes were.

That is n9t t9 say that I disappr9ve 9f naturally kinky hair, as that w9uld 6e very pr96lematic, especially when y9u c9nsider that fr9m a m9re human, ethnic perspective. I w9uld just rather n9t get a face full 9f y9ur hair whenever I attempt t9 deliver a hate kiss t9 y9u, s9 it is n9t the kinkiness that 69thers me 6ut the fact that it is usually s9 l9ng and messy.

N9w I kn9w what y9u may 6e thinking. "Why, Kankri, y9ur hair resem6les s9mething 9f unruliness y9urself." While, yes, my hair is n9t particularly tidy, it is n9t gr9uped with a l9ng length that w9uld make it invasive in any way. My hair als9 has a statement a69ut it, in which I pr9test against P9rrim's c9nstant fussing t9 make it m9re neat f9r the freed9m t9 d9 with my hair as I please. And while I d9 understand y9u als9 have that freed99m, I d9 appreciate exercising my freed9m t9 n9t 6e sm9thered 6y y9ur hair when we kiss, s9 what I am saying is that I appreciate that.
Condescending Kankri Report | 11/21/2014 7:40 pm
*yeah, thats right, ********; im still mad you slept with porrim*
Condescending Kankri Report | 11/21/2014 7:38 pm
Y9u have s9me nerve f9r saying that.

At least I w9uld n9t sleep with Mituna, like /certain/ tr9lls I will n9t name.
Cronus Ampora Report | 11/21/2014 6:56 pm
*he sighs softly through his nose at the contact, nuzzling a bit against his face before kurloz pulled back*

you sure? if you got anything you vwant to lay on me, let me knowv, ok? im the best listener i knowv.

and ivwe been alright, i guess. besides that ivwe been missing you.

also, like vwhat you did vwith the do, chief. i didnt evwen knowv your hair vwas that long.
*reaches up to ruffle it a little with one hand*

you still got nothing on mine, though. mines pure grease dynamite.
Condescending Kankri Report | 11/21/2014 6:47 pm
Y9u are in denial, that is fine.

Als9, Kurl9z. I have t9 w9nder h9w y9u are under the impressi9n that y9u can 9rder me ar9und.

Y9u can n9t c9ntr9l what I d9.
Cronus Ampora Report | 11/21/2014 1:55 am
hey, babe, howv you holding up?

*wraps his arms round his waist, throwing him a smile, his eyebrows a little furrowed though, kind of looking worried about him*
Condescending Kankri Report | 11/20/2014 7:27 pm
... *glares @ kurloz when hes shoved off, brushing himself off and standing up*

I sh9uld 6e the last pers9n y9u talk t9 a69ut self-l9athing, Kurl9z.

If y9u wish, I can talk t9 Mituna, simply 6ecause I d9 n9t want t9 see y9u in such a state 9f putting y9urself d9wn.
It is aggravating t9 watch, as y9ur kismesis.
Condescending Kankri Report | 11/20/2014 6:48 pm
*frowns at that and crosses his arms, positioning himself on his lap so that his knee is uncomfortably jamming against kurlozs crotch when he calls him his "kismesis-b***h"*

D9 n9t talk a69ut y9urself like that, Kurl9z. That is a privilege 9nly I must have.

What happened with y9u and Mituna is n9ne 9f my 6usiness. 6ut y9u sh9uld n9t dwell 9n it.

Y9u tw9 may have 6een an 9dd c9uple 6ut y9ur pale skills were adequate and alth9ugh the feelings may n9t prevail anym9re, the last thing y9u sh9uld d9 is never get 9ver it, c9nstantly watching her... I mean, him... F9r sweeps and sweeps and sweeps and...

Where was I g9ing with this. Ah yes.

I d9u6t y9u are unw9rthy 9f quadrants.

And perhaps I may 6e a 6it t99 preci9us 9f a ru6y t9 6e hung ar9und y9ur neck 6ut, I assure y9u, I find y9u quite repugnant and d9 want y9u as a 6lackmate.

... Hm. May6e I sh9uld rephrase "6lackmate", as the "mate" part implies that I wish t9 perf9rm c9itus with y9u and pr9duce gru6s, which is n9t the case.

-- 9h. *finally removes his knee from his crotch*
Condescending Kankri Report | 11/19/2014 10:35 pm
*kind of just slips up behind him and settles into his lap casually, looking pretty disapproving, getting ready to rant*


Kurl9z, I am n9t 96ligated t9 aide y9u in turning d9wn admirers 9f y9urs.

Th9ugh, I must questi9n why y9u have th9se admirers in the first place. Perhaps that is just my feelings f9r y9u making my percepti9n 6iased.
As y9u are admittedly attractive, 6ut y9u certainly are n9thing sh9rt 9f detesta6le.

In any case, I did n9t appreciate y9u walking away fr9m the situati9n and thr9wing the task 9f telling H9russ y9ur true feelings 9n me. That is n9t my j96.

My j96 as y9ur kismesis is quite the 9pp9site. If anything, I sh9uld have lied and t9ld H9russ y9u were interested. 6ut I w9uld n9t have wanted t9 put Cr9nus 9r H9russ in that s9rt 9f situati9n, c9nsidering I d9 n9t have any hate t9wards them. And H9russ d9es seem a 6it 96sessive and set 9n this.
Teeaap Report | 11/12/2014 5:25 pm

thanks for buyin my stuff man!
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