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Name: Mustang Cobra

Age: 23

Date of Birth: June 11th

Gender: Female

What do you class yourself as?: Tomboy

Taken or Single?: Forever Single

Personality: I have adhd and bipolar (had both since the age of 6), I love animals cats mostly, imma child at heart, i play mario and kingdom heart video games and different games depending on what they are, Yokies is my Besty forever.

Likes: mixing 2 drinks into 1, video games, being a kid at heart, loves to rp as a virtual kitty, Dr. Pepper and Sobe drinks the most, Kingdom Hearts (riku ish my fav character), i like some music, chinese food, italian food, some mexican food, junk food.

Dislikes: mean ppl, my heart always feeling broken, dicks who will break my heart, being sad all the time i miss being happy like i used to be, jalapenos, cranberry sauce and anything else with cranberries in it, beets, artichokes, anchovies, guacamole, spicy food unless its kimchi (Korean Spicy Cabbage), can't drink coffee straight black it taste like shit to me, soy milk taste like milk that took a shit, prune juice.

Nicknames I will go by: Musty, Kitty, Kit, Cobra

For some people who may know this and for some people that might not.

Anyways, long story short, ever since I was a little kid, trying to hang out with girls was a big issue.

It wasn't just because I get shy alot.

I was scared of girls hating me and always picking on me.

Most of the time in school I would always get picked on because of the disorders I have.

I was always looked at like a disease; so because of that reason starting as far back as the 4th Grade I mostly hung out with guys and barely hung out with 2 girls or less.

I thought guys understood me better than snotty rich popular girls.

That's why every school or place I went to, I'm afraid to talk to or bond with girls because of that very reason.

I became lucky to share a bond with a couple girls for friends and my older sister (I won't speak of her name here that's her privacy she has that right).

I was afraid and nervous to visit her my first time because like I listed here I was afraid she would hate me or pick on me for my disorders.

I was afraid she wouldn't accept me, that she would think I'm annoying and gross, that she wouldn't love me as her sister and would not want anything to do with me.

Anyways, sometimes I feel like I'm losing the bond between her and me alot, my family, some of my friends, even my bestest friends lately and here are the reasons why I think so.

1. I'm annoying (I'm not afraid to admit that because I know its true about me).

2. I almost never shut up and alot of people probably wished I did which is why I get tuned out alot when I talk to people.

[size=12][align=center][b]3. Anytime I try to help somebody I alwa[color=#430