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Report | 09/03/2015 8:45 am

Wynter Nyx

Lol, I haven't paid much attention to mine lately. You do know that you have me one Facebook, right?
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Report | 10/23/2014 12:52 am

Apocalypsez v2

oh really? exciting and scary how?
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Report | 10/23/2014 12:49 am

Apocalypsez v2

Nothing much going on really, living a boring life. hope yours are better though 3nodding
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Report | 10/22/2014 8:06 pm

Apocalypsez v2

definitely whee
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Report | 12/16/2013 11:18 am

Kamiko Hinote

Aw don't be mad, I hope you feel better! cry heart
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Report | 12/15/2013 10:27 am

Kamiko Hinote

Haven't commented you in a long while so I'm doing it now! Missed ya pallll <3
UV--Tardmuffin--VU's avatar

Report | 10/28/2013 8:12 pm


Hey smile
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Report | 10/23/2013 11:34 pm


I am okay I suppose
lol it's just really hot
I'm in the mood to watch a movie
and just about anything fun I suppose wbu? (:
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Report | 10/21/2013 2:49 pm


Yeah. . I don't think mines is much better :F
personally I'm bored to tears but other then that uhm..
idk may watch a movie or something get my mind off things ^ ^
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Report | 10/17/2013 6:04 pm


Ah well xD sorry the raping process never worked out
well for anyone. . and well I like to rush things too just when I need
time to relax that is. . sweatdrop hardly ever I find myself busy with lots of stuff at home.
and essay's ugh they kill.. x_x
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Report | 10/17/2013 6:48 am


Ah I see xD
I should get a sticker
I was early for class today ^ ^
and ofc I finally got to read le messages.
oh and I got a random new friend so yeah.
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Report | 10/16/2013 11:55 am


Chu forgot to squeeze me in D:
and uhm good afternoon lol
I was like sleeping in so much, I had lots of work to catch up on. . sweatdrop
but it's all good now.
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Report | 10/15/2013 7:59 am


Today was my early day too? o .o
or it should have been but I didn't mean to sleep in.
I guess I was more tired then I realized > .<';
hopefully this night I too will sleep rather early then late.
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Report | 10/15/2013 7:36 am


Because work just seems to have a place fit for everyone? sweatdrop
the good kind and the bad kind si ^ ^'
I was supposed to wake up 2 hrs ago but I slept in,
guess I was pretty tired still.
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Report | 10/15/2013 2:36 am

Dry Hope

Get the ******** off my profile woman.
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Report | 10/15/2013 2:36 am


Enjoy the rest the night and sleep good heart
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Report | 10/15/2013 2:26 am


Thank you heart
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Report | 10/14/2013 3:48 pm


Well I had day off today so it's pretty awesome!' ^ ^
and pfft you are js >. > and dogs hmm I've been having
way to many kittens honestly my favorite pets in the house are the fishes <3 (:
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Report | 10/14/2013 9:46 am


ah well tyt and don't rush
and if you studied it should be pretty easy hopefully ^ -^
and cute hm lol yeah that'd be you. heart
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Report | 10/14/2013 8:53 am


We can have fun together less then an hr maybe.. o . o
and Chihuahua mixed with a German Shepard he's pretty small. sweatdrop
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