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yuki31 Report | 10/11/2015 3:49 pm
Yaaaas Back for a bit every once and a while yum_puddi
antisocial social club Report | 09/24/2015 7:57 pm
why u copy me
soren_alenko Report | 09/24/2015 12:50 pm
Thanks for buying.
yuki31 Report | 09/21/2015 8:23 pm
SUP whee
Original Krew Report | 09/06/2015 11:40 am
what? nah niggah you good lol
horsew_noname Report | 08/30/2015 9:39 pm
Thank you for your purchase (sorry for the late thanks)! smile
Tacos IV Report | 08/18/2015 7:05 am
thanks for the gift its cute xp heart
Royal Mj Report | 08/14/2015 11:03 am
aww haha thanks <3, i'm putting a playlist soon so i'll throw it on my profile and it'll make it random everytime biggrin
Wuvvie Report | 08/09/2015 8:15 pm
May I see what your face looks like? o: Through a PM
Wuvvie Report | 08/09/2015 11:49 am
Thank you very much. I was really sad and this helped a lot. I think I've seen you lurk the CB before :3 how are you?