Honorable Mentions

Once upon a time, in another dimension, there stood a kingdom called Shindig City. Here in this magical place, parties happened at all times.
And you must participate. Or off with your head.

By XxFantome

You came to the wrong neighborhood, SON.
Have you ever been shanked by a meatball?

Garlic Whisperer in training.

Rise of the Sheep Guardians.
You shall not pass.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Hugging bodacious Kam

Art <3

By Breath of Prism

By FishMadeofJelly

By Cotton Cohesion

By Mirray

By InkAddiction

By Shattered_Life

By LittleAngelWithDevilWings

By x P i k a-Chan

By an anon
I feel like I should know who this is. Oops. On the upside, don't I look like a cute Powerpuff Girl?

By casscatx
Dat whiteboard.

By casscatx
Very cute yolo sketch.

By dragon_knight_of_fire


By Breath of Prism

By FishMadeofJelly


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