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I have skittles in my mouth. Want to taste the rainbow?~

Heyy ^w^
if you're on my profile you're probably stalking me (or judging me. I'm sorry. Don't hit me)
Feel free to hit me with a pm though c:
Also, please don't just say sup. I want to hear more about you ;o
Plus, I love conversation ^w^

12 facts about me:

1. Basic af.
2. I'm massive on grammar.
3. I play League of legends (EUW)
4. I make some offensive jokes once I get comfortable around you. If you don't like that, go home, because I can't help it sometimes and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings unintentionally :<
5. "All the single ladies, now put your hands up!" ...//hand goes up subtly
6. I'm open to all opinions (when I'm being serious), as long as you don't impose them forcefully on other people, we can get along.
7. I'm an Aquarius <3
8. I'm Asian
9. I'm straight.
10. I am the master of pickup lines.
11. I live in Britain.
12. I'm going to see Pierce the Veil *Squee*
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