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back when I wasn't a scrub

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Schizophrenic_Quasar on 07/24/2016
Hanzo-Musashi on 07/23/2016


Formerly DeathsShadowWolf, Scarletthedarkwolf, XxHeadless_WatcherxX, XxSaccharine_SensationxX and XxVerbose_TaciturnityxX
I have skittles in my mouth. Want to taste the rainbow?~

Heyy ^w^
if you're on my profile you're probably stalking me (or judging me. I'm sorry. Don't hit me)
Feel free to hit me with a pm though c:
If I don't respond straight away, it's bcus I'm busy, and i'll get back to you within 24 hours c:
Also, please don't just say sup. I want to hear more about you ;o
Plus, I love conversation ^w^

12 facts about me:

1. I can be flirty in a jokey way(If you're uncomfortable about this, just tell me.)
2. I'm massive on grammar.
3. I play League of legends (and I'm a bronze V scrub. Started from the bottom, and I'm probably never leaving but that's ok because I'm a grill and we suck at games)
4. I make some offensive jokes once I get comfortable around you. If you don't like that, go home, because I can't help it sometimes and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings unintentionally :<
5. I will never be a Beliber. Do not try and convert me, as it will result in a broken nose c:
6. I'm open to all opinions (when I'm being serious), as long as you don't impose them forcefully on other people, we can get along.
7. I'm an Aquarius <3
8. I'm Asian
9. I'm straight.
10. I am the master of pickup lines.
11. I live in Britain.
12. I'm going to see Pierce the Veil *Squee*

Today I Saw The Whole World. See it with me? c:

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Prince Vegetable

My small Gaia family(Right to left):Our pet, Our son, Our strong daughter

Avi art by LovelyLeaves(10/10 would rec <3)