I'm A Very Boring Person.

I'm The Type Of Guy You Only Talk To If You Have Absolutely No One Fuucking Else Better To Talk to.

I Draw A Lot.

I'm A Pretty Chill Guy. I Just Like To Act Weird sometimes Cause It's Pretty Fun.

I Really Like vanilla, Tho.

I Tend To Troll A lot With My Friends On Gaia.

I'm A Niigger.

My Sense Of Humor Is Fuucking Retarded.

I Use To Be A Hoe. But, Those Days Are Behind Me.

I Only Fap Monday - Sunday. So Pretty Much All Fuucking Week. At least 2-3 Times A Day. A lot Of Dead Babies...

I Like To Come Up With Shiitty Short "Poems" That End With " Lilac'Sweet Be" I Have No Fuucking Idea What The Fuuck It Means.

I'm Slowly Dying Inside, Day By Day

Violins And Pianos Are The Best Thing Man-Kind Has Created.

I'm Most Likely Going To Die Alone.

Trump Is Our First Cheetos Puff President.

And That's Pretty Much All The Stupid Shiit I Can Think Of To Put Here.