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Hi. my name is mickel. 20, average, and forever single. I crave love but my last girlfriend showed me that i don't deserve it and proved to me that i am simply unable.

I don't have any significant skill sets other than a slight hobby with building very, very simple electronic stuff like taping together a homemade flashlight or something.

I've hated everything so much since i become single that I've come to accept it, being happy only makes me angrier. i would love some company and i would like if you would add me to chat, but then again, maybe i'll just get moody and ignore you because i'm unstable now.

I have only one person in my life that i can call a friend and I've never been kissed, lovingly hugged, or depended on. I'm not needed and obviously i just get in the way of people's lives. I was only a running start for 2 girls in this world, i helped them realize what kind of person they don't like. so yay me?

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people who have broke
my heart, distrusted me,
hurt me,or just someone
that is just trash < / 3 *

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