My names Mike, Conceptually i'm a rather honest person; i like to think and i'm a rather unforgiving person to those whom annoy me or attempt to interact in irrelevant conversation with me, I'm more so a fan of articulated thought and intricate speech or thought. although i'm not really all that serious, i'm rather relaxed and playful or goofy around people i trust, but if i don't know you and you suddenly attempt a sort of superficial approach with a dash of false introduction in terms of first appearance; i'll mostly call you out on bullshit, but honestly if you wanna be my friend- Lets talk and build a friendship; nothing in this world is said in stone, everything must be built up from the bottom i think and if you wanna get to know me on a more personal level or get close to me; then lets talk. But please don't try to bait and switch me, if you have an interest, be honest with me. I can honestly sniff out liars regardless of the magnitude of the lie. Don't be intimidated though, just be human and down to earth with me and i'll do the same. I'm a really good-friend, So some people say. I rarely leave my friends in the dirt and if do; i'd be sure to at-least contribute something towards them.

So message me, honestly that message up there sounded kinda Jaded and whatever, But you won't truly see what type of person i am until you actually get to know me.