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I keep my profile empty because I like simple profiles.


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loneponymcclould Report | 06/05/2014 5:07 pm
ya I'm fine as you can see things have changed too
loneponymcclould Report | 06/05/2014 7:34 am
ya I know how you feel
loneponymcclould Report | 06/01/2014 6:55 pm
holy wow long time no see old friend
Eironyx Report | 10/22/2013 9:57 am
Nice avi. 3nodding
xXZanza Report | 08/28/2013 5:13 pm
Thanks! :3 Night
xXZanza Report | 08/28/2013 5:08 pm
Oh okay then. Hope to talk to you again then :3 c:
xXZanza Report | 08/28/2013 5:02 pm
Lol, its okay, but yea, they give a damn fawk. They sons of gangsters anyways, they are bound to end up the same e -e
So whats up?
xXZanza Report | 08/28/2013 4:55 pm
NEVER! o -o
My brother has, sorta, indirectly.He was walking one day and someone had thrown a rock and it hit my brother in the heads and he began to bleed, yadayadyada. Then at that same school years back soem guy pushed a kid when a car was coming e -e They steal the students phones, money, dont let them go to the launch room, and the teachers dont do anything because the assholes who bully are sons from gangsters and s**t. SO the schools around here were classified as No Secure or some s**t so mother didnt got me into a school e -e
xXZanza Report | 08/28/2013 4:50 pm
I havent because, well, i dont socialize in real life and have no friends since i homeschool :/ No way to meet people my age around because of that problem e ne
xXZanza Report | 08/28/2013 4:38 pm
Yea, years back it was different.. And it hurts when it is someone who says who likes you and got you to like him back . -.
So im just trying to move on from all them shiz. And since "my bf went missing" am even worse, so am about to end it :/



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