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Birthday: 05/27

Occupation: Artist,writer,Game player

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Hi! My name is Michelle Chiba and I'm an Artist who love drawing, Making things out of play-doh, knit potholders out of scrap yarn as well as scarves, make doll bases and modified games.

My favorites:
*Video Games(RPGs),My Little Pony (Old and New ones),Anime(not the Crappy 4kids Type THEY RUIN IT!! more like FUNimation and VIZ type.),Flowers,Animals (more like Cat-type lover)(this will explain why I have a Kiki it was given by a good friend of mine's) and guys w/long hair! (WATCH OUT VINCENT VALENTINE, SEPHIROTH, AND MAGUS!! I GOT MY EYE ON YOU!!)

My Favorite Charaters:

From Video Games:
*Cecil (FF4),Edgar(FF6),Cloud(FF7),Vivi(FF9),Yuna(FF10/FF10-2),Ashe(FF12),Lighting(FF13),Sara(FF13-2),Noel(FF13-2),Vincent Valentine(FF7,FF7 biggrin oC),Ryu(ALL Breath of Fire Game (except BoF biggrin Q makes Ryu look like he's stupid.),Rei(BoF3),Cray(BoF4),Sanjuro(dot hack),Megaman(MegamanX,X-6),Zero(MegamanX,X-6),Ramza(FFtactics),Aya(Parite Eve),Benjimin(FFMQ),Janus(AKA MAGUS)(Chrono Trigger) and Ken Masters(Street Fighter)

From Anime:
Ranma(Ranma1/2)(the female part),Spike Spegail(Cowboy Bebop),Lelouch(code geass),Ichigo(bleach),Goku(DBZ),Vegeta(And his OVER 9000 DBZ type!),Mustung(FMA,FMA:BH),Vash(Trigun),Picolo(DBZ he acts like Janus ALOT!!),Yue(Card Captor Sakura),Mokona(Tsubasa Chronicles,MKRE),Serena(AKA Usagi (in english as Bunny)(Salior Moon),Roger Smith (Big O),Kato(Vocaloids),Gingka(BB:MF),Lena (Slayers),Vampire Hunter D(VHD,VHD:Bloodlust),Milliardo Peacecraft(Gundam Wing),Kenshin(Rurouni Kenshin),Zor(Robotech 2nd Season),Aubus(Ronin Warriors) and Ryo(Ronin Warriors)

My Favorite Cartoon Characters:
Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie(MLP: FiM), Megan(G1 MLP), Tom2,3(Toonami), Lucky, Cooler(Pound Puppies), Bugs Bunny (Looney Toons (not the new ones it's puts Bugs to shame.), Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Blossom(PPG/PPGZ), DeeDee(Dexter's Lab), Suzy(Johnny Bravo) and Jack (Samurai Jack)

If you want to be my Friend, you got to understand why I won't accept you at first. I had a lot of problems with some bullies on the site. this entry will explain it all.
I do accept:
*Newbies, People who love to talk about RPG games,Anime or Cartoons.

I don't accept:
*Cyber Bullies, Beggers, Scammers (one who Raise the MP prices for Questers!), Hackers or Trolls.

I have seen so many scammy websites relates to profile editors NOT funny. I will report you for harassment.

Also, don't go on my other friend's account,either...you get reported there by me or my friends.

*Also, Serious SIDE NOTE*:

I will not accept users by e-mail, IMs or text. let me know who you are or I will report you in.
ALSO, I WILL NOT ACCEPT A HACKER OR HACKER'S MULE OR A BOT! (you know I'm like Logan and I will Slash BOTS!!(or REPORT THEM IN!!)

If you have any questions about these rules or anything related to cyber bullying let me know.

Michelle Chiba.


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Silverstar_Cross Report | 10/14/2017 10:51 pm
The sneak preview on a cake is symbolically interesting.
No in-depth spoilers about it but test the waters with aura vision or the mad-eye shades to test how well those who are using either can spot it, lest the wrong people spot it otherwise?

Just brain-storming is good.
Silverstar_Cross Report | 10/14/2017 10:33 pm
Any good news so far on your side?
I'll likely hunt down more general image references for some things in case that helps.
Silverstar_Cross Report | 10/05/2017 12:19 pm
I'm in it for the madness and fighting!!!! biggrin
(Though more seriously speaking, I'm surprised no one made a video out of the following scene with a few people raising their hands (and weapons) up as a sign they miss him,
I mean the MONKEY misses Jack!!!
We wanna go talk about all the really nightmarish $hit a half-wit has to put up with to help get some part of him back, all to help Ryou?
I'd think not, because it's spoilers!!!)

The design of stuff like that, though!!!!
The smith Gods or anyone connected with them would like a look at that.


Chiba you got the PM I sent?
Silverstar_Cross Report | 10/04/2017 1:14 am
What I sent you is in Ryou's childhood language(Japanese notwithstanding really.) and in short, it has some funny implications if you think about it,
that's not even all the reasons either really. blaugh
There's more to say than what a preview may show but it's better-saved if you return to Discord really, the full truth is even scarier in hindsight too.
It's so terrifying that if I say it here I'd risk Spoiler-iffic Final Bosses at our doorsteps or give some of Rick Sanchez's list of enemies(on their Hax-fest sections) reason to watch our every move, not fun at all really.
Silverstar_Cross Report | 10/04/2017 12:14 am
When you get back on Discord and Tumblr, let's just say we've got QUITE THE LIST of things for the birthday folks of October to be having. biggrin
(As well as the Death Days, since some Walking Spoilers would rather not dwell much regarding October 31st in general if they can help it given the really rancid $hit that happened during 7 days after it.)
The list of stuff for Miss Kaname's birthday could be rather long but no doubt worthwhile in the end if done right.
We also gotta prepare for Nanako's B-day, and yes even the one 'the half-wit' dubs 'The Runt Prince' has a birthday on October 5th as well.

It only gets bigger from there this month, we didn't even deal with Yukari Takeba's birthday being October 17th either, or that Matoi's birthday is Skullhead's Death Day(October 23rd) for that matter.
It gets funnier when you realize that Miss Kaname's B-day is also Full Metal Alchemist day or the day The Ship of the Dead novel releases in book stores as well, so here's this idea on the spoiler tag:

So Junko the Shadow Deviant and One of the players for OhmRice(mis-typed 'I3uttrice' for obvious reasons.) also went to watch FMA and Monogatar together once and Miss Kaname once read on some rumors about Chase family residence when she read on Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead, given the spoiler-y findings earlier?

But wait there's more I finally see what you mean:

So it's official: Lance(-y) has taken (more-than-usual) personal interest from the sound of matters, out of good faith.
Why that's important when the following spoiler is notable?
A fully-realized Ryou Misaki/Haseo going for broke with the Powers of all 8 Phases together is about as powerful as the True Powers of a few individuals 1-vs-1 wise if any went for broke in turn, it's already noted thus far that Lance is above said few individuals put together if we wanna talk stats, and this is talking before
the timeline-diverging and all the loops gets in-play.

Simply put with no in-depth spoilers here in case those jacka$$es are watching you, all I'll say is reasons really.
You want in-depth, then return to Discord or expect Leet.

Now for some rather BAD news here at this link!!!

On lighter notes, Here's hoping Netflix brings all the old Dot Hack shows back on the line-up and deals away with the twilight sequels.
On more lighter notes, quite a few cheek-kisses, weaponry and whatnot to be brought about with the October birthdays and let's TRY NOT to dwell on October 31st as the Death Date longer
than needed, for the time being.
Silverstar_Cross Report | 10/02/2017 10:11 pm
This is pretty much canon, isn't it?

Silverstar_Cross Report | 09/30/2017 12:21 pm
So Chiba you got the birth-dates for October gathered?
If need be I'll go get the line-up for the Death dates from October lined-up later today, I've already listed up two of them in that last PM.
Silverstar_Cross Report | 09/29/2017 1:44 pm
Well just in case for what it's worth, I'll send you the birth-date links as a precaution by PM since you might not be able to spot it at Discord until the troubles are dealt with.
Silverstar_Cross Report | 09/29/2017 12:08 pm
So Chiba in the meantime, are you doing okay so far?
I just wanted to know what's up so far, and I haven't had much luck with editor-seeking so far.
Also, it feels 'quiet' lately, 'quiet' = BAD!!!
Silverstar_Cross Report | 09/29/2017 12:02 pm
Chiba have you any luck in regards to computer troubles yet?
Also I just remembered this: So if Madoka Kaname's birthdate is October 3rd and Nanako Dojima is born on October 4th, yegads we got a lot to plan out right there!!!


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Questing for Baby Rainbow Ticket
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