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Hi! My name is Michelle Chiba and I'm an Artist who love drawing,Making things out of play-doh,knit potholders out of scrap yarn as well as scarves,make doll bases and modified games.

My favorites:
*Video Games(RPGs),My Little Pony (Old and New ones),Anime(not the Crappy 4kids Type THEY RUIN IT!! more like Funmation and VIZ type.),Flowers,Animals (more like Cat-type lover)(this will explain about why I have a Kiki it was given by a good friend of mine's) and guys w/long hair! (WATCH OUT VINCENT VALENTINE,SEPHIROTH AND MAGUS!! I GOT MY EYE ON YOU!!)

My Favorite Charaters:

From Video Games:
*Cecil (FF4),Edgar(FF6),Cloud(FF7),Vivi(FF9),Yuna(FF10/FF10-2),Ashe(FF12),Lighting(FF13),Sara(FF13-2),Noel(FF13-2),Vincent Valentine(FF7,FF7:DoC),Ryu(ALL Breath of Fire Game (except BoF:DQ makes Ryu look like he's stupid.),Rei(BoF3),Cray(BoF4),Sanjuro(dot hack),Megaman(MegamanX,X-6),Zero(MegamanX,X-6),Ramza(FFtactics),Aya(Parite Eve),Benjimin(FFMQ),Janus(AKA MAGUS)(Chrono Trigger) and Ken Masters(Street Fighter)

From Anime:
Ranma(Ranma1/2)(the female part),Spike Spegail(Cowboy Bebop),Lelouch(code geass),Ichigo(bleach),Goku(DBZ),Vegeta(And his OVER 9000 DBZ type!),Mustung(FMA,FMA:BH),Vash(Trigun),Picolo(DBZ he acts like Janus ALOT!!),Yue(Card Captor Sakura),Mokona(Tsubasa Chronicles,MKRE),Serena(AKA Usagi (in english as Bunny)(Salior Moon),Roger Smith (Big O),Kato(Vocaloids),Gingka(BB:MF),Lena (Slayers),Vampire Hunter D(VHD,VHD:Bloodlust),Milliardo Peacecraft(Gundam Wing),Kenshin(Rurouni Kenshin),Zor(Robotech 2nd Season),Aubus(Ronin Warriors) and Ryo(Ronin Warriors)

My Favorite Cartoon Charaters:
Fluttershy,Pinkie Pie(MLP:FiM),Megan(G1 MLP),Tom2,3(Toonami),Lucky,Cooler(Pound Puppies),Bugs Bunny (Looney Toons (not the new ones it's puts Bugs to shame.),Mickey Mouse,Tom & Jerry,Blossom(PPG/PPGZ),DeeDee(Dexter's Lab),Suzy(Johnny Bravo) and Jack (Samurai Jack)

If you want to be my Friend,you got to Understand why I won't accept you at first. I had a lot of problems with some bullies on the site. this entry will explain it all.
I do accept:
*Newbies,People who love to talk about RPG games,Anime or Cartoons.

I don't accept:
*Cyber Bullies,Beggers,Scammers (one who Raise the MP prices for Questers!),Hackers or Trolls.

I seen so many scammy website relates to profile editors NOT funny. I will report you for hassament.

​Also, DON'T go on my other friends account,either...you get reported there by me or my friends.

*Also,Serious SIDE NOTE*:

I will not accept users by e-mail,IMs or text. let me know who you are or I will report you in.
ALSO I WILL NOT ACCEPT A HACKER OR HACKER'S MULE OR A BOT! (you know I'm like logan and I will Slash BOTS!!(or REPORT THEM IN!!)

​If you have any questions on these rules or anything related on cyber bulling let me know.

Michelle Chiba.



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Javier Cross Report | 04/16/2014 7:14 pm
Javier Cross
How long have you been on Tumblr thus far?
Jisen Meizuki Report | 04/15/2014 8:47 pm
Jisen Meizuki
No wonder I haven't heard about him. sweatdrop

*is not familiar with older Final Fantasy game*

But thank you for telling me who he is.
Jisen Meizuki Report | 04/15/2014 8:19 pm
Jisen Meizuki
*tilts head*

Um... Not to be rude, but who the heck is Cecil Harvey? sweatdrop

*is confused*
Javier Cross Report | 04/14/2014 8:49 am
Javier Cross
Did you get to check out more of The SpazMuse's latest deviantart images listed up?
Also, were you able to talk with the SpazMuse at deviantart much?
I feel as though she's fighting to avert me like the plague at tumblr. emo
Javier Cross Report | 04/14/2014 7:24 am
Javier Cross
Looks like the SpazticMuse/SpazMuse needs help with the Deviantart Commission Mission.
Shall we work together to help her out at Tumblr?
Javier Cross Report | 04/13/2014 6:17 pm
Javier Cross
That's reasonable.
If I were anyone else, I could have asked for Hermione of the Potter-world's Ministries of Magic to go have Tea with Pi of the dot hack(.hack) universe's CC Corporation, but I feel I'd trouble her to no small deal if I ask it of her. crying
Javier Cross Report | 04/13/2014 6:13 pm
Javier Cross
You could request her to draw Leafa from SAO having Tea with The Mistress Black if you like, I won't stop you.
If you have any art requests from her you'd have in mind, what would it be?
Javier Cross Report | 04/13/2014 6:08 pm
Javier Cross
Did she say anything? redface
Javier Cross Report | 04/13/2014 2:51 pm
Javier Cross
Feel free to befriend her, I am grateful you noted to her that you mean her no harm.
Talk to her like casual friends first, and only pop up certain questions when the time's right, okay?

If you want, you could ask her if she heard about Sword Art Online sometime, okay?
(I lost count of how I tried to tell her that, albeit unwittingly on our parts, some parts about the Mistress Black's life wounded up having an echo with Leafa's life from Sword Art Online,
if we wanna talk about 'Loving the Cousin' when you get my drift.
Except the Mistress Black is 'filthier' in terms of those kinds of thoughts than Leafa is, if you know what I mean as the SpazMuse does. redface
I guess in a sense Leafa reminds me of both SpazMuse and the Mistress Black, I just hope neither would kill me dead if anyone ever says that to them as I doubt she'd hear it from me.
Feel free to talk to her about cosplays if you like.)
Javier Cross Report | 04/13/2014 11:52 am
Javier Cross
Have a look at the art gallery's latest art images, review the latest 4 images in question and even leave a comment to tell her 'hello', okay?
Make sure to have her know you mean her no harm.


Headbands for Animals! Come and see!
I just beat Chrono Trigger on all 3 different systems! can you do that?