Hey Everyone! The name's Claudia. IRL, I'm a coffee-addicted amateur cartoonist, bookstore employee and Visual Art major who obsessively collects Ninja Turtles merchandise, manga, and cute things that involve kitties. I am actively pursuing a career in the comics industry and I have about ten years of experience working with children.

I've been on Gaia since 2003, and despite it's many changes and new added features, I'm still happy to be here. :3

Gaia/Online Name: Michan Starfire

Age: 28 (~Le Gasp! SO OLD!)

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Mostly German, 1/4 Sicilian/Italian, a little bit Dutch. (I consider myself German American).

Religion: "Hippie Christian" Basically a Christian who believes in saving the planet and doesn't think that being gay means you're going to burn in heck. ~Love one Another~ is meh motto. God bless the whole world, NO exceptions.

Personality: Outgoing, compassionate, silly, creative, and a little bit of a crybaby at times. Oversensitive. A pretty good listener. Very emotional (a total Water element type) Often referred to as the "Mommy Type" or the "Peacemaker."

RP race: Angelic Catgirl :3 *shot for being a dork*

Supapower: Healing, Purification

Likes: Spending time with friends, helping folks, drawing, creative writing, reading, singing, kids and animals, swimming, cartoons, cosplay, crafts, comedy, romance, fantasy, learning about languages/cultures, goodness in general, silliness, randomness, and being lazy. :3

Dislikes: Being serious for long periods of time, mean folks, rude folks, judgmental folks, emo poetry, modern art, scary movies, asparagus, evil in general, poor grammar, and math.

Talents: Very strong in the liberal arts (writing, music, drama, etc.) and has good people skills. Has a knack for languages and loves imitating accents.

favorite songs: "No. 1" by BoA Kwon, "You Lift Me Up" by Rachel Lampa, "Carameldansen", "Fireflies" by Owl City, "Hallelujah" by Jam Project, "Go Girl: Koi no Victory!" by Morning Musume, "I Shall Be There" by B*Witched, "Hareru Michi" by JichoKacho, "Ever Ever After" by Carrie Underwood, "Honto no Jibun" by Buono!, "Kero! to March" by Noburo Kakuda, "Loop" by Maya Sakamoto, "God Knows" by Hirano Aya, "Beautiful Day" by Sakakibara Yui, "Dreams of an Absolution" by Lee Brotherton, "Motteke! Sailor Fuku" from Lucky Star, "Accidently in Love" by Maroon Five, and "You Raise Me Up" by Celtic Women. There are many more, as I love happy music. <3

My prize possesions: My Sketchbooks, my oversized white teddy bear, my book/art book/manga collection, my Prismacolor pencils, my Micron/Prisma inking pens, my computer, my DVDs and old VHS tapes, my action figure collection, my plushie/stuffed animals, my costumes, my fleece blankets and squishy pillows, and my comfy baggy jeans and oversized character print shirts.

I'm most often found bumping in the Chatterbox, playing Booty Grab in the Aquarium forum, lurking at my guilds, Gaia Fishing, wasting my tokens at the Gaia Slots, playing ZOMG!, roleplaying, and hanging out in the Artist Alley. I love art trades! :3

I enjoy literate, lighthearted RPs, and love getting invited to them. I don't like Godmoding, chatspeak in RP threads, or overpowered and unoriginal OCs. I love creativity, a good sense of humor and the occasional OOC silly RP. ^^

And I love cartoons. Oh, do I love cartoons. Especially anime and manga, but I like animation and comics in general. I love to draw! I love to look at pretty artwork. Gift art = <3

I'm recruiting players for my new RP, found here: ~The Battle for Barton: A Gaia Online ZOMG! Based RP~ I'm looking for semi-literate to literate players with a sense of humor and fun, who know a bit about the story of Gaia and who use courtesy when interacting with others.

Please join! I've been wanting to do this idea for awhile. ^^

~Peace, Love, and Chocolate Chip Cookies! <3

P.S. This is Michan's favorite charity! Donate a little if you wanna be on Santa's Nice List. It goes to deserving folks. ^^


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claudiaaaaa heart

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I'm fine... Except I don't know where my English class is and I feel so bad for skipping. I remember that the teacher told us we were meeting someplace else, but I lost the sheet of paper that I wrote it on and now I'm stressing that she's talking about something important and I don't know what to do. ;n; ;n; ;n; ;n;

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Well, o-of course I do! But this website... there are things everywhere. My ADD can't take it!

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