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Savior Story

I'm currently building a game called Savior Story using RPG Maker VX Ace. I plan to tell the story from the perspective of the player reading a book. It'll follow a character named Micah, a shop clerk who becomes deputized (my avatar on Gaia is based on this) and my antagonist is intended to be a crime lord. The 4 main characters are based on myself, my wife (Song for God), my cousin (Message from God) and his wife (Grace from God). They will be Christians. I intend to use character interactions not only to build my story but also to demonstrate presuppositional apologetics and share the Gospel.

This game will have a western/fantasy setting (maybe some steampunk, too). I want to make a game that is actually a game, like actually entertaining. Basically, I want to have an actual battle system (yes, with actual weapons and actual monsters to fight) and an actual story, the game working just like a regular RPG. My biggest difference is going to be the difference of worldviews. Instead of arbitrary moral claims as you see in many RPGs, my characters will have a basis for morality. Instead of knowledge claims with no basis, my characters will have a basis for knowledge. The interactions can demonstrate contradictions in opposing worldviews and point people to Jesus Christ, the only way any man can be saved.

I intend to put many solid Biblical resources into the game as items that can be viewed if you wish to, so you can learn more if you're interested. Please, brothers and sisters, pray for me on this entire issue, as I want to glorify Christ with this. It takes a lot of time, even using RPG Maker, and I also don't want this to be an idol for me. Any prayers from the saints are greatly appreciated.



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Micah Seven Eighteen Report | 10/17/2015 7:29 am
Micah Seven Eighteen

That would be a thread for my game, if you're interested in checking out some stuff I'm doing/have scrapped.

I brought up Jonathan because, see, we have him added on Facebook, right? He just up and disappeared one day. Haven't spoken with him on anything for years now. Knowing Jonathan, he seemed to lean in a pretty ascetic direction, so perhaps he just dropped the internet? We also wondered if maybe he died. Regardless, I go on his Facebook page every now and then and say something, even now, and I pray for him sometimes.
Kerubiel Report | 10/16/2015 10:46 pm
Huh, that game sounds interesting. Good luck on it; it'd be cool to see something ambitious like that in RPG Maker.

I do remember Jonathan, but I haven't talked to him in ages. How's he been?
Micah Seven Eighteen Report | 10/14/2015 7:37 am
Micah Seven Eighteen
I've been doing well. Working at a grocery store FT (awesome setup, too, as I seriously live on the same block as where I work and can walk through an alley straight through the middle of the block, get to work in less than a minute: take that, people who say you NEED a vehicle nowadays!), making more money than we need (even if my wife doesn't work). We have little expenses and the place we live has a low cost of living (really, we pay $375 for rent). God has been very gracious to us in providing for us. We're used to living paycheck to paycheck, so it's nice to be able to live like this (though, God knows, we may go right back to paycheck to paycheck someday, like with Paul, how there were times he had much and times he had little).

I've been working on my game (though not as much as I'd like, mainly due to doing other things instead of just sitting down and working on it). RPG Maker MV comes out on the 23rd of this month, and some people made a plugin so we can move our data from our Ace projects onto the new MV. Looking forward to this. Plan to make the main character a shop clerk (based on me, so work is based on mine as well), and it'll have a western and fantasy theme to it. I've been quite influenced by Monster Hunter in making natural fantasy plants and monsters that would allow for characters to make/do things that are not realistic, so no magic is necessary (I make a distinction between witchcraft and fantasy magic, but I still prefer no magic, and I don't want confusion over that in a game world where the Bible can be believed in). Also have been influenced by Chrono Cross (at the very least in materials for equipment and elemental/status effect stuff), Fire Emblem (weapon triangle and chance to instantly defeat enemies), Resident Evil (herbs), Brave Fencer Musashi (you don't just walk into a stranger's home in my game, but knock on their doors and they come out and speak with you) and likely numerous other games and things in various ways I don't want to take the time to pinpoint (though I can't say what I did pinpoint is exhaustive). Haha.

Do you happen to remember Jonathan, by the way?
Kerubiel Report | 10/13/2015 9:56 pm
Oh, hey there. Really has been a while! I'm just working and living. What've you been up to?
Micah Seven Eighteen Report | 07/28/2015 9:11 am
Micah Seven Eighteen
There are two reasons I understand for this. One would be the holiness of God. Even among humans, the severity of a punishment for a crime can change based on the position of the person it's committed against. If you lie to your kid, your kid can't do much about it; lie to your wife, you may sleep on the couch; lie to the government, that can be jail time or a fine. Our crime is against an infinitely holy and perfect God, so the punishment is also eternal.

The second reason? If we hate God, why would that ever stop when we are in Hell? Man's heart is evil by nature, and a man will never come to God apart from God drawing him because a man will never WANT God apart from that work of regeneration, which the Holy Spirit performs when He changes a man's heart. The punishment would be eternal because the man eternally sins against God, not as one forced, but as one following exactly what he wants, despite the cost of that hatred and self-will.

Consider also the objection as a whole: no one deserves that. You're appealing to an arbitrary standard of morality when you say that. In your worldview, it's just as valid for me to say people do deserve that just as arbitrarily and without any Biblical basis, because it's all preference and opinion anyway. In my worldview, I have a standard by which I can say something is good or evil, wrong or right, true or false. The Bible gives me a rational basis to make claims to truth and certainty, which would include morality.
Fullmetal Joestar Report | 07/26/2015 5:02 pm
Fullmetal Joestar
I understand why God doesn't just let anyone into heaven. He can't allow sins in his kingdom.

But why is ETERNAL TORMENT a just punishment? Nobody deserves that.
Micah Seven Eighteen Report | 07/26/2015 4:12 pm
Micah Seven Eighteen
To object to anything within the Christian faith, you must have a standard of truth with which to judge the Bible by. You make several truth claims that are contradictory to Scripture, but unless you provide me with a standard of truth apart from God, they are just arbitrary claims to knowledge you can't back up. Where do you get truth without God? Do you have a rational answer to that yet?
Fullmetal Joestar Report | 07/24/2015 6:10 pm
Fullmetal Joestar
1. Virgin birth is impossible.
2. You worship a Jewish God, and Jesus was Jewish.
3. This whole thing was 2,000 years ago. It's pretty hard to believe.
4. Other gods existed before your god.
5. Trust in science.
6. It's hard to believe a man rose from the dead, and is living as a living, invisible man in an invisible sky kingdom.
7. After death is nothing.
Micah Seven Eighteen Report | 07/24/2015 6:05 pm
Micah Seven Eighteen
I'm sorry that people have robbed you of the larger scope of who God is. It's true that God is love, but so often all you hear is that pushed and so it ends up being confusing to people. People don't preach about sin and our own evil hearts. God may be love, but God is also holy and just. Due to our sin against Him, we deserve wrath. God is not being evil or wrong if He punishes us for doing what is evil; He is instead only being just and giving us exactly what we deserve for our crimes against Him.

God shows His love in this: He came to the Earth in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, living a perfect life we could never hope to live due to our own evil hearts. He laid down His own life, willingly, at the cross, taking upon Himself all of the just wrath and holy hatred of God that His people deserve. When He was on that cross, my sin was imputed to Him and His righteousness imputed to me. He gave me exactly what I don't deserve: mercy. Jesus paid my fine, so now, I am no longer guilty. Not only that, but just as God treated Jesus as if he had lived my sinful life, He sees me as if I had lived Jesus' perfect life. Anyone who repents and puts their trust in Jesus Christ is saved from the wrath of God on the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If you repent and trust in Jesus to save you from the wrath you deserve for your sin against Him, you will be saved.

Flee to Jesus and trust in Him as your strong refuge. You have no hope but Him. Nothing we can ever do can make up for the crimes we've committed, and even if we could somehow erase our past guilt, could we really somehow live the rest of our lives NEVER sinning again in thought, word or deed? God is perfect and holy and demands perfection and holiness. Apart from the perfect life and work of Jesus Christ on that cross, there is no hope for any man. It doesn't matter what you've done. It doesn't. If anyone comes to Him, He will by no means cast them out. Go to Christ.
Fullmetal Joestar Report | 07/02/2015 1:33 pm
Fullmetal Joestar
I thought God was loving and gentle and kind. Why does he have to be feared? I'm scared. I don't want to worship him. He's too scary. Jesus is scary, too.


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