Welcome to my page.

talk to me in Dutch, German or English. Whichever you prefer.
I love cats, video games and books.

I like talking about books and languages in general. So... PM me? As shown by the list below; I like collecting things. Gifting is appreciated, though unnecesary.


On Gaia I usually post in the LD, GCD and SF. Sometimes I wander off to the ED and the News forums.


Besides that:

HUGE Dragon Age fangirl, esp. Solas smilies/icon_redface.gif

Collecting (Rapid) Evolving Items
These are not necesarily 1st Gen
Reve Rouille
Antique Shop
Rosamund's Revenge
Hidden Ace
Alruna's Rose
The Nightmare
Fallen Wish
Yemaya's Pearl
Kottan Bell (2x)
Dappy Dandy
Le Carousel
Daughter of Snows
Runcible Spoon
Sainte Ciel; Storge
Little Lucie (3x)
Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires
Haute Modena
Moira's Fashion Flashback
Band of Bremen
Captain Ara's Nestegg
Volant Reverie
Keiko's Cake
Inari's Beads
Jinxi's Charm
Josie's Journey
Tama's Basket
Fremere's Guard
Petit Cherie
Cafe Miam
Fausto's Bottle
Sugar Suite

Recolored (Rapid) Evolving Items
Reve Marin (2x)
Mercury's Moon
Rosamund's Devotion (2x)
Rosamund's Passion
Rosamund's Rage
Lulling Lucie
Volant Daydream
Keiko's Trifle (2x)
Le Carousel Noir
Lustrous Lucie

My goal is not getting all the EIs/REIs on Gaia. I just collect the ones I like.


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