My Name is Krista

I Am:
24 / Female / Somewhere in SD /
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Happily Taken emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
American / German / Norwegian / English /
Redhead / Pale with Freckles / Blue Grey Eyes /
Fun-Sized / Easy-Going / FUN / ADHD /

I Enjoy/Love:
Anime / Movies / Manga / Books / Music /
Animals / Randomness / Traveling / Storms /
Camping / Friends/Family / Purples /
Roller Coasters / YAOI FANGIRL / Tattoos /
Fruits / Veggies / Sushi / Chicken / Seafood /
Video Games / Comics / Sleeping /

I Dislike:
Clowns / Spiders / Jack-in-the-Box /
Mornings / Most Red Meats / Ouija Boards /
Humidity / Cold Weather / Ice in General /
Dentists / Needles /

Not much else to say besides
Dont be afraid to
Message or Befriend Me~!
I dont bite!

*Avi Arts From Awesome People

~Oinai Lineet and I emotion_smilies/icon_hug.png emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

^Art By: LuanaFrost

^Art By: Dekonega

^Art By: Panda Tea Dono

^Art By: Kawaiiko Ashley

^Art By: n e o n poptarts

^Art By: Etrikia

^Art By: La Jolie Papillon

^Art By: Lynloraa

^Art By: II-solitude-II

^Art By: Yanzibar

~Random Rin and I emotion_smilies/icon_hug.png emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png

^Art By -Twisted_Refl3ction-

^Art By I Moonlight Bunny I

^Art By ByunBaek-Hyunn

^Art By: Kebab Rolls

~Single Avi Arts

^Art By GimmeHug

^Art By: XxLittle_Alice

^Art By: Faiethell

^Art By: sugarthemis

^Arts By: RichieNoir

^Art By: AngelicVortex

^Art By: Snowful_Midnight

^Art By: -Twisted_Refl3ction-

^Art By: Cannibalistic Trekkie

^Art By: Your Lovely Neko

^Art By: l l a m a p a c a

^Art By: birbkawa

^Art By: Sugah Bee

^Art By: MaomaoMomo

^Art By: noidm

^Art By: Peanutters

^Arts By: Coco Puffz Lady

^Art By: Reiko Tsuneo

^Art By: Heori Heza

^Art By: Mister Robot Head

^Art By: Little_Lee_Bee

^Art By: SergicalCevilian

^Arts By: FluffyThingsArePretty

^Art By: Demon_Rin

^Art By: VanillaSwiss

^Art By: Misasaii

^Art By: Yumeiii

^Art By: Dekonega

^Arts By: 14Mushrooms

^Art By: Cat Dee Bo

^Art By: Mezzocchi

^Art By: Chrysoberryl

^Art By: DearJayme

^Art By: levenchews

^Art By: buncakeu

^Arts By: AliciaArtemis

^Art By: Banbanana

^Arts By: Iserane

^Art By: La Jolie Papillon

^Art By: Leonaenae

^Art By: Etua

^Arts By: xMilkita

^Art By: chelle_danes

^Art By: foohfee

^Art By: xTea

^Art By: Pluphchu

^Art By: Eatingbubbles

^Art By: Sushi Jelli

^Art By: Basket Case Insanity

^Art By: lI Scarlet Il

^Art By: HellsyK

^Art By: Suzuxxchan

^Art By: Xiyara

^Art By: rubic_lu2

^Art By: Phattycakes

^Art By: wintercool612

^Art By: maefu

^Art By: ChipperChef

^Art By: Idia

^Art By: Akisada Akirou

^Arts By: _Gotherine_The_Foxx_

^Art By: Karimnator

^Art By: Samwiches

^Art By: Freaking Egg

^Art By: seidazo

^Art By: Bluey654

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Xiao  Kaiserin

Report | 07/05/2016 7:57 am

Xiao Kaiserin

No need to say sorry you know ;u; ~~

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i'm still doing it~~ heuheuheuehuehuehuhKheeeeee
Xiao  Kaiserin

Report | 07/04/2016 7:26 am

Xiao Kaiserin

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-waves around- ayo ayo~~

the hair.... is giving me a lot of Trouble~~ ToT

Report | 06/18/2016 6:05 pm


thank you for buying 3nodding
coco puffz lady

Report | 06/08/2016 11:57 am

coco puffz lady

-sneaks in- Hurro! Long time no talkie! How is you? o 3 o

Report | 05/03/2016 10:10 pm


Nicely done
Tessa Dun Broch

Report | 04/17/2016 8:55 pm

Tessa Dun Broch

Oh, thank you. I think I like black hair better, too. Oh, I love your avatar!
coco puffz lady

Report | 04/14/2016 5:12 pm

coco puffz lady

That's awesome!!! Hope you figure out what to wear beforehand, heheh cx you're lucky you get to at least go and have someone to go with emotion_kirakira one day, I'll go too..for the first time! cat_redface
Ahah, no worries! I like nosy people emotion_dowant
Sometimes buses can cost more than a plane ride though. Just depends where you're going cat_mrgreen my bus ride from WA to TX was $170+ and I sat there for two days cat_rofl (oh yeah, btw, I'm in TX now, lmao!!!)
Oh! I'm going to Mexico with my dad this Saturday! emotion_awesome we'll be there for about three weeks or so emotion_yatta
Pandy Wolfie

Report | 04/11/2016 6:37 pm

Pandy Wolfie

Hello, do I happen to know you?
coco puffz lady

Report | 04/01/2016 9:40 pm

coco puffz lady

Lol, it happens, no worries emotion_yatta
Well, if everything's good, then otay. I just want chu to be happy and what not! emotion_hug heart cat_whee
Nu, I don't live alone..I live with my mom and younger sister atm cat_lol but, I recently got my passport card finally and I'm gonna head down to TX next week (possibly Wednesday cat_sweatdrop it just depends on when I can buy the bus ticket (cuz so far it's cheaper than a plane ticket)...
coco puffz lady

Report | 03/26/2016 4:48 am

coco puffz lady

Bah! Are you otay?! cat_eek chu need to be more careful at work, silly emotion_kirakira
Ohh snap, son!!! Moving in already?! :0 how long have you been together now? You sure you're not moving too fast? cat_sweatdrop hope all is well nonetheless emotion_hug
That's awesome! I haven't been catching up on tv shows in a while cat_ninja I've been watching a lot of YouTube and an old Spanish soap opera from the early 2000s on Netflix cat_mrgreen cat_rofl
Other than that, I'm ok I guess. I have the basic essentials for living so I can't really complain cat_xp but I spend most of my time sitting on the couch watching said YouTube and Netflix soap, lol. I rarely leave the apt or see my mom or younger sister (both always working and sister still has school). It's a perty boring and lonely life atm cat_lol oh well~