Motto: Shut the Hell up and do it!

The other motto: KURI-CHAN!

((bump of the Humu-humu-nuku-nuku-u-puaa is my bump alone!!!))

METAL's catch phrase:
"Shut. Up."
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I have 111 friends!!!
I have 139 friends!!!

"Gib mir deine Hand
Dine weibe Hand
Leb'wohl mein Schatz
le'b wohl..."

I'm Catholic Christian and Proud of it!

x~Rei_Hino~x is my Onee-sama*huggles*

The ED-P's opinion of me:
AnarchoManiac Wrote:

I think METALFumasu is a pretty cool guy, eh watches C-SPAN and doesn't afraid of anything

AnarchoManiac Wrote:
He's a conservative, but with a brain.

Lieutenant_Charon Wrote:

Has a bit of an ego, asking what people think of him. smilies/icon_ninja.gif

Kidding, of course, since it is fascinating to analyze the reactions of people you have no connection with besides what they post on some forum.

Otherwise, he's one of the more moderate right-wingers, sometimes reasonable, and possibly Buddhist.

Having not thought of it before, I have yet to identify the topic which he stays away from. Everybody has their aversion to one or more specific issues, for some reason or another.

"You and what army? That army?.....You sure you're not talking about the one weakling behind you? You aren't?....Uh....s**t."

I am the ED-P's resident Zen Master, Grand Monk of ED-P's National Religion, Shadow Minister of the Peace, (Shadow) Minister of Celestial Affairs.

I'm also in control of the ED-P's only Deathstar. (Will post pic-soon).

God Bless the Dev Panagrammic.
He (and all the other Devs who worked with him) have saved Gaia's forums.


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I've been into the Slenderverse off and on for many years. Just lately, I've been getting back into it via EverymanHYBRID, TribeTwelve and DarkHarvest00. It's just really cool and spooky.

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Thank you for the purchase!!! sweatdrop heart

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Thanks for the purchase! heart
clay goldschmidt

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clay goldschmidt

thank you for purchasing at my store! mrgreen

i hope to see you again,
Clay Goldschmidt

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Thanks for buying at least 2 of my gift boxes heart
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Angelique Deslauriers

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Anime Syndrome

Thanks a bunch for buying! 4laugh

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thanks for buying ~~~ smile

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thanks for buying ~~~ smile smile smile


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ED-P's Resident Zen Master
Shadow Minister of the Peace
Grand Monk of the ED-P's "National Religion"
[What the national religion actually is I have no idea at this point]