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Come into my arms my little canaries...
and let me destroy you.

~what kuja demands~

by lindblum monkey to me c:

drawn by Remnant Spirit Yazoo for me c:



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Hart of a Lion Report | 08/30/2014 11:28 am
-ded with a chocobo boner-

-still teh prettah even when ded-
NamelesSilencer Report | 08/30/2014 4:03 am
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Very true, I clearly understood that.
*she nods and sighs a little*
Many things changed and hardly easy these days...
I also seldom meet any friends(in other words, familiar faces) here, or they rarely online gaia. Perhaps they even never online at all.
Sure it must have been tough for you... since you've existed in gaia for a very time. Passing one history then another history, of inflation especially...
And it is quite rare for me to see some other fellow active cosplayers here too. Making new friends with fellow cosplayers(especially FF), is way easier than normal.
Hart of a Lion Report | 08/30/2014 12:25 am
I regret nothing! gonk gonk gonk

-pisses in pants and goes ded-
Lindblum Monkey Report | 08/29/2014 3:25 pm
I see you there too, Tranny. BI
Hart of a Lion Report | 08/29/2014 1:01 pm
Its fun to STAY AT THE Y-M-C-A! -runs off- gonk
Hart of a Lion Report | 08/29/2014 12:24 pm
Yeah? You and what army? The Village People? gonk
Hart of a Lion Report | 08/29/2014 12:10 pm
Oww...what was that for thong man? gonk
NamelesSilencer Report | 08/29/2014 1:39 am
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That's just a little tease. Heh.
Same here, I would gain nothing from retreat.
Just taking a break and chatting with friend.
So how is your looking around experience?
NamelesSilencer Report | 08/29/2014 12:08 am
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It is just my wild opinion, don't sweat it.
Fair enough, I don't really have any intention to fight either.
I kinda just 'messing around'...~
NamelesSilencer Report | 08/28/2014 11:09 pm
Eventually, yes. Heh, you finally notice something off about your appearance? Firstly, get a proper clothing especially... get a real pants. Then and a haircut.
Is that so? Interesting...

Just burning the stage.
*fireworks endlessly ignites behind Lightning*
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So who is next??

What about yourself? What you're up to?

kuja and bartz


"I find this rain quite pleasant. It feels as though raindrops are blessing our victory..."

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