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Nineteen || Cancer || July 18

I'm obsessed with Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Hunter x Hunter, Haikyuu!!, Parasyte and some other animes.
I also like Doctor Who, Supernatural, Pokemon, Sherlock, and some other popular shows.
My favorite Doctor is the 12th, my favorite Supernatural character is Dean, and my favorite Pokemon is Axew.
My favorite Pokemon character is N.
I love Kpop and Kdramas, I could watch them all day long.
My favorite foods are rice, it goes with everything and tastes so delicious, and sushi.
My favorite colors are yellow, red, orange, black, white, and blue.
Drawing is more than a hobby for me.
I'd love to write a web comic someday, hopefully soon.
Dancing is my favorite sport and I like to pretend that I can sing.
I love yaoi.

I love free art btw! You can draw me if you want! ❤
Feel free to talk to me!