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:: "The more flamboyant a woman is, the more she's as beautiful as a poisonous flower, right? "
Grell is my spirit animal.

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It's Cappy. ♥
Semi-back after a long hiatus.
Tera Rising: Mesomerism. Server: Valley of Titans [PVP]
Future KSU Golden Flash for game programming || comp engineering.
Another year closer to earning my wings on May 19th.
Short little s**t. Explosive temper.
Le BaniFeesh.~

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The gaming world is remarkably small. The one person who I hated losing touch with on here, I reconnected with on another game, and I am extremely happy to have him back in my life. He's been the light that's been missing in my life, and I honestly haven't laughed as much in an hour with him VS a whole week without. I don't know how, and I'm partially terrified to say this, but I've fallen completely in love with this guy, and I wouldn't have it any other way. He's kept a smile on my face, and taken away the pain that others have caused.
Oh, and he said I love you first. c;
Aishteru, ZLH, my snuggle bear. Rawr rawr. 2 | O5 | 14

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