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Character class: Nerd

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I'm rather boring but I'll be happy to help anyone that needs help.
I'm a completely shy dork and Undertale trash.
I might not bite but have been known to get a bit stabby.
I like cats..?
...i'm really lousy at writing these.
INFP-T emotion_awesome
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....And some random stuff i found on the internet. I'm sure i'll find more later. Here, get distracted by pretty things:

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"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places." -Ernest Hemingway

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Hachiko the Loyal Report | 03/22/2017 11:44 pm
Hachiko the Loyal
I have a few things, but I get really lost.
Like, I'm really used to seeing my fave without anything. I do really bad with powder and foundation because it looks really...dusty? Like obvious that it's powder...
And super cheeks are naturally just red and pink so it looks very ghostly when covered up. And when I try to add blush, it looks unnatural. I just got one that's a bit more of an apricot color, a bit more on the orange side. So I'm hoping if I can blend it with just a bit of the pink ones I have, it can look a bit more natural. I usually use orange and pink when i fo some sort of hint of blush on lighter skin tones when drawing digitally. So hoping that works irl too, lol.
Ooh, and yes. I always use a male base unless i need boobs for an avatar.
Hachiko the Loyal Report | 03/22/2017 11:21 pm
Hachiko the Loyal
I've gone into the make-up aisle and get weird looks too.
Like, I for sure look out of place among other women picking out colors and other products. They're painted and look a lot more glam compared to me.
I have this really bad habit of picking out a lip color that matches my exact natural lip color, tbat I may as well use a clear gloss or just chapstick lol.
Today I had to go to my bro's confirmation ceremony and my mom insisted I use a little bit of make-up.
I wore a dark turtleneck tank, some dark jeans and boots and tried a coral-pink lip color and it looked so gross and bright. It was the brightest most contrasting color I had. I got this weird idea of mixing it with a black lipstick I got for gags on halloween and it actually made a rich dusty pink color and was quite happy with it. It had a bit of an ombre to it, the outter lip had a thick and bolder dark color and it softened to the more pink color towards the inside.
I felt like I actually did something righr, despite totally being experimental and unsure of the result I might get.
Hachiko the Loyal Report | 03/22/2017 3:46 pm
Hachiko the Loyal
Me too...
LucreciaTatsumoto Report | 03/22/2017 5:43 am
Oh god no, I've never even gotten my license. Cars scare me. I'm okay with walking to work too since I used to walk to my old job.
Hachiko the Loyal Report | 03/21/2017 10:48 pm
Hachiko the Loyal
I understand.
For me, I can't tolerate having a female base anymore. It has to be male.
I feel like it's just easier to slim down the male base to be more feminine. And I normally like the roundness of the male face too. It's cute for girls.
And thank yoooou~♡
I'm really happy how this turned out.
A little bummed the legs cost over 200b. But once I put the outfit together in the closet, I convinced myself to just get them.
;// v//;
Now I have hot robot pixels to look at.
Ooh, and Spooks' drawing of your Papy cosplay is so cute. I like how she drew my fish girl too. I know she meant for them to be funny and less serious, but they're so good.
LucreciaTatsumoto Report | 03/21/2017 9:18 pm
Yeah I'm alright, it's just how my life is tbh. But I'm okay, I've got a good job with great people and I'm just going to stay off my bike from now on. No one should be crashing this much on one. If I had flipped any later I would have gone off the drop off. My fiance thinks it's stupid of me to not want to get back on it but I'd rather not crash a third time this month and die ya know? How's you
Hachiko the Loyal Report | 03/21/2017 8:28 pm
Hachiko the Loyal
-kicks door in gracefully-
Thanks for the fave and the cute comment~!
You're so sweet~!
Hachiko the Loyal Report | 03/20/2017 9:55 pm
Hachiko the Loyal
I am trying to claw my way out a bit of the Mettaton hole I dug myself into. Like at least keep a leg outside so I'm not totally consumed.
A hot, sexy, robotic leg~♡
Hachiko the Loyal Report | 03/20/2017 9:37 pm
Hachiko the Loyal
Thank you so much!
I just recently started collecting items in that particular color for this little fishy girl~♡
Aspen Ivalon Report | 03/20/2017 1:37 am
Aspen Ivalon

Thank you! ;u; He's my newest baby that I've designed completely on my own. I can't wait to get more art of him~
I'm super proud of the OC. Not so proud of the avatar, but oh well. XD I'll try to work on it more later hopefully.

I've been okay! Doing commissions again but taking more of my time on it and feeling like I'm getting more of my money's worth for my time. Or time for the money worth? Either way. XD
Oh man, I do the same way about the fluff and cutes in stories and movies. ;u; They make me feel warm and fuzzy~ I love it. heart *curls up with you and reads fluff fics with you*

She's doing a little better! She got herself one of those electro therapy things? The pads with the cables and you stick them to where it hurts and turn it on and it stimulates the muscles or something. o.o
She's also been going to therapy still and it's been helping, thankfully! It's really relieving.

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