Here we go...

I had a previous account named Coir, but it got permanently banned. I like open-minded people, so if you're out there, you can be friends with me if you'd like. Just don't random add me so suddenly. |:

Yeah so, people have often told me that my profile is boring and all. Eh, I'm not so motivated to be more descriptive about myself when it comes to biographies. Unless you'd ask me about myself, I'd rarely ever share much about me. But I guess I'll give it a go?

For starters, I go by a nickname so once I get to know you a bit better I'll tell you. I don't really label myself much, sexuality and gender included. I'll pretty much tell you more about me personally when we talk individually. I'm in my late teens. I'm really just someone who goes by the flow with things. I have mild Asperger's syndrome, possibly BPD, and currently trying to recovery from an illness. I am mostly an introvert, I don't really like to go out much but sometimes that can fluctuate. Guess you can say I'm a bit of everything, personality wise. There's no really true side to myself, I could be any type of person you want me to be varying on who is talking to me. It's just how I am, and sometimes I could be a bit dull and boring at first, so bare with it. I guess that's some pretty flat-out basics. Anything else you wish to know, you could just PM me.

St Pat is my loving brother on here, shout out to him. c: I owe him a lot of love for the times he has tried and (in most cases) has helped me throughout the times when I most needed him. I would have never thought I'd meet someone as determined to help anyone, as he does. Thank you so much Pat, I really hope to one day meet you and hopefully by the time I do, I will already be healed from any problem I have at the moment. And I would like to help you too if you ever feel down, even if I don't know how to help I would try to, please give me a chance. Love ya.