Just so you know...

Relationships do not define love.

Love is defined by it's self. Love is to be incapable of being envious, jealous, boastful or conceited. Love is good, doesn't hold grudges, doesn't look for its own, instead it gives away; it likes to be treated with the truth. Believes and awaits for everything.

I love you Jason Green.
I like you very much Theo - even tho you are a jerk about my english at times

[5/23/15, 4:24:06 PM] Italian Stallion: You're a gameplayer
[5/23/15, 4:24:42 PM] Italian Stallion: Truth is you're a little religious girl who tries to fulfill her desires online.
On 5/23/15, at 4:30 PM, Rebeca wrote: Yes that is the truth. Good thing you got it out of all the dumb idiots. Hope its your introspection and not qouting someone else.

I haven't found more peace then now that its worded in a single straight line, and im happy. Thats the best anyone have guessed about me.



Ideals: I love God, I love light, I love life, I love friends... I'm not perfect but when I'm with them I like to listen and help them. It's online people what else we suppose to do?

If you ask me if i like gaia ... i don't yet im here... oddities in life. *sighs*

I'm not interested in lovers, husbands or boyfriends. I want to be happy without owing my time to anyone