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Relationships do not define love. Love is defined by it's self. Love is to be incapable of being envious, jealous, boastful or conceited. Love is good, doesn't hold grudges, doesn't look for its own, instead it gives away; it likes to be treated with the truth. Believes and awaits for everything.

Matisyahu - Live Like A Warrior


Really you want to know about me ... ask me ^_^... ok, ok i won't be mean...

My name: Rebeca
Age: 26
From: A small island in the Caribbean, yeah I still live there.
Hobbies: Reading
BA: Business Education- Accountancy

Married to: Lord Kaimelar - gamer and forgetful - sexy and i love his smile <3 but shh don't tell him he's keen to hide it.

Ideals: I love God, I love light, I love life, I love friends... I'm not perfect but when I'm with them I like to listen to them and help them. It's online people what else we suppose to do? XD

Hope I be of help in some way. I'm hurt, been hurt, and have hurt (totally regret it) along my course of time in here so... I just wish to remain friends with anyone new that comes along.

To all my new friends and old ones ... I'm happy to have met you, I really am. I like to see you smile and wish you the best in all your studies and in your life.

I'm not that good at saying good bye when I part my way in a wrong or good way. You can ask someone in my list that starts with R. haha He knows what I'm talking about. That boy is an idiot but so am i. I can't hide the sun with my hand.

Im in love and doubtful, i have fears and dreams, I like to achieve a lot and always under stress but thats how i like it. Means I'm being useful in this life.

If you ask me if i like gaia ... i don't yet im here... oddities in life. *sighs*

Anyways if you want to know more catch me around...

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