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Ghost me? <3



Hi, I'm Mereluna. I'm an '05er and nontraditional (read: old) college student studying biology.

Things I like:
🍓 watching the steam curl off a cup of tea
🍓 eating strawberries of the vine
🍓 cats purring
🍓 trying to find thoughtful gifts
🍓 the way cockatiels smell
🍓 that cozy feeling of reading a favorite book
🍓 Pokemon - water fairy ghost bug
🍓 real animals
🍓 learning new things

Apologies for the massive wishlist, it's more a "something about this item caught my attention at some point" list that's slowly being pruned down. Also: I've forgotten how to do a scroll bar.

Word Games Characters!

I may post as these characters from time to time.

🍓Mereluna: a star of Saiph and Hatsya's ilk who took up residence on the Moon some time ago. Thinks Jet is just precious, and barely notices his sapience.
🍓Jeanne-Athene Thierry: a chilly, but not unkind maid who serves her master in an exceptionally lavish uniform. This does not belie her practicality, however, nor her dedication. Finds satisfaction in tidying up and serving tea. She is rumored to have a dagger concealed in the layers of her dress, but extracting it would prove most time-consuming.
🍓Thou-shalt-not-suffer-a-witch-to-live Baker: A young woman learning the trade from Mother Grackle, the most senior witch on the mountain. Unfortunate naming aside, she is proving to be an adept apprentice. Dressed for travel. Her battered witch's hat is her prized possession, even if she sat on it once.

Working towards~

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Art and avatar musuem

This will house my small (but hopefully growing!) collection of avatar art I've received and past avatars I'm particularly fond of.