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HOW YOU TREAT A GIRLWhen she walks away from you mad
[ Follow her Even if she yells at you to leave]
When she stares at your lips
[ Kiss her ]
When she pushes you or hits you
[ Grab her and dont let go]
When she starts cursing at you
[ Kiss her and tell her you love her ]
When shes quiet
[ Ask her whats wrong]
When she ignores you
[ Give her your attention ]
When she pulls away
[ Pull her back and hug her & dont let go ]
When you see her at her worst
[ Tell her shes beautiful ]
When you see her start crying
[Just hold her and make her laugh ]
When you see her walking
[ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ]
When shes scared
[ Protect her ]
When she lays her head on your shoulder
[ Tilt her head up and kiss her ]
When she steals your favorite hat
[ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night]
When she teases you
[ Tease her back and make her laugh ]
When she doesnt answer for a long time
[ reassure her that everything is okay ]
When she looks at you with doubt
[ Back yourself up with the TRUTH ]
When she says that she likes you
[ she really does more than you could understand ]
When she grabs at your hands
[ Hold hers and play with her fingers ]
When she bumps into you
[ bump into her back and make her laugh ]
When she tells you a secret
[ keep it safe and untold ]
When she looks at you in your eyes
[ don’t look away until she does]
When you break her heart
[ the pain NEVER really goes away ]
When she says its over
[ she STILL wants you to be hers ]
When she posts this on her page
[ she wants you to read it ]

and i think this is the best advice from a friend i got ^^



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Count Vincent Nightwing Report | 06/22/2013 7:09 pm
Sorry for changing my name and avi but as I promised I shall always be your sebby.
Ban_Perfection Report | 06/21/2013 4:04 am
prolly, specially if I do like a give away or sumthing, and I prolly will just have to think of one
Ban_Perfection Report | 06/20/2013 8:00 pm
yep you should be able to now
Ban_Perfection Report | 06/20/2013 7:59 pm
i might I just don't know if i'ma end up leaving again plus I would also need some help, though I think if I post in the thread you should be able to again
Emily_4_ever Report | 06/18/2013 3:54 am
thanks for selling it! smile
North ltaly Report | 06/15/2013 3:04 pm
(Oh thank you very much c: )
TrueBonanza Report | 06/12/2013 6:27 am
Course not! heart
TrueBonanza Report | 12/29/2012 10:43 am
Name change.
Bonzly Report | 08/23/2012 1:12 pm
Sure. Send a trade.
Bonzly Report | 07/19/2012 3:40 pm


bump if i glow


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