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First name?:: Becky
Like your name?:: I suppose I do, my name translates into to bind or snare. I'm my own bondage.
Named after anyone?:: Don't believe so.
Any nicknames?:: Too many to list... Just call me Becky, Luff, Shesba, or Sheshe.
Age?:: Twenty.
Birthdate?:: March 28th, 1992.
Height?:: 5 ft 5in I do believe.
Like your height?:: Yup.
Eye color?:: Blue, grey, green mix.
Contacts/glasses?:: Glasses, they look quite awesome on me and contacts tend to irritate my eyes.
Hair color?:: Brunet, sometimes dirty blond in the summer. If I get too much sun in the summer my hair gets natural highlights.
Natural hair color?:: Brunet, sometimes dirty blonde.
Dye your hair often?:: Never have, I like my hair 100% natural. I shampoo and condition it and it naturally stays straight for the most part. It gets wavy if I don't brush it after I shower.
Righty or lefty?:: Depends, I am right handed for the most part, but I'm goofy footed when I snowboard.
Religion:: None, agnostic. I do like talking about it though.

***Your favorite...
Type of music?:: Depends on my mood, any thing NOT country, screamo, or Rap really. Fun fact, studies show country is the music genre most likely to make you depressive/suicidal.
Band or singer?: razz orcelain and the Tramps, Ludo, Kerli, and Anberlin. Lotsa others too.
TV show?:: Just about anything on the Food Network. However, I do enjoy The Daily Show and the Colbert Report on Comedy Central. It's bad when I get the news from Comedy Central and laugh at the actual news.
Movie?:: It's between REPO! The Genetic Opera, Mirror Mask, Nightmare Before Christmas. All pretty unique movies.
Place to be?:: The woods, anywhere with my friends really.
Thing to do?:: Draw, listen to music, ski, snowboard, DDR, fencing, archery, play videogames, whatever I feel like really.
Food?:: Pasta, its ********' delicious!
Non alcoholic drink?:: Shirley Temples, Rootbeer, and Cream Soda are nummy.
Alcoholic drink?:: I don't plan to drink to be honest. I have a pretty weak stomach so I don't wanna know what kind of damage it might do. That and I'm on birthcontrol and technically you're not supposed to drink on it.
Animal?:: Hmm, Platapus, Red Panda, Arctic fox, Penguin, Narwhals, and just about any arctic animal.
Holiday?:: Halloween.
Season?:: Winter, tis the season to burn s**t.
Sport?:: Skiing, Snowboarding, volleyball, fencing, archery, and DDR (if you count that as a sport).
Scent?:: I'm allergic to most fragrances and scents... Although the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven is nummy.
Restaurant?:: P.F. Changs, bangin' Chinese food there. Wegmans is also really nummy.
Fruit?:: Peaches, Black berries, blue berries, banana(phone)s are my favs.
Vegetable?:: Snap Peas, lettuce (only with Italian Dressing. The definition of that stuff is ********' amazing).
Fast food restaurant?:: I don't like fast food, although I do eat Chinese and make epic journeys to Sonic with my friends every now and then.
Pizza topping?:: Hmm, pepperoni is okay, I generally prefer plain, however, my favorite pizza is a white garlic pizza.
Ice cream flavor?::Cherries and cream.
Magazine?:: I don't really read magazines, but this one magazine I got from a college was in 3-D. Totally bad a**, came with 3-D glasses and everything, it blew my mind.
City?:: New York, Atlantic City, and Bar Harbor are spiffy.
Color?:: Purple, black, navy blue, silver, maroon, mainly dark colors.
Number?:: FOUR! *hits golf ball with putter* HOLE IN ONE, HELL YEAH!
.... Or 69. That number tends to stalk me.

***This or that...
Chocolate or vanilla?:: Chocolate. Dark chocolate preferred.
Pepsi or coke?:: Coke.
Hot or cold?:: Cold.
Black or white?:: Rainbow.
Dog or cat?:: Cat. *hums meowmix theme song*
French toast or pancakes?:: Pancakes. Be careful, they might be mines.
French fries or onion rings?:: French Fries are nummier.
Hamburger or hot dog?:: Toughy... I think I'd have to say the weenie wins.
Pepperoni or sausage?:: On pizza? Probably the pepperoni. By themselves? Sausage.
Britney or Christina?:: *shoots self*
McDonalds or Burger King?:: Can't really eat either, I'll get sick.
50 Cent or Eminem?:: M&M's? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere?
Canada or Mexico?:: Oh Canada.. Although, I did jump in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Mexico.. I've been to both countries, Mexico was more fun.
Hug or kiss?:: Hugs.
Movies or TV?:: Movies.
Truth or dare?:: Depends who you're playing with. Dare most of the time.

***Do you...
Shower daily?:: Every day or other day.
Sing in the shower?:: Sometimes.
Like to sing?:: I guessum, I do absolutely suck at it though.
Like to dance?:: Tried to learn Para Para and the Melbourne shuffle. Not very good at either. xD
Smoke?:: Have fun killing yourselves with that, I'll be waaaaaay over there laughing at you. I have bad reactions to smoke, I will sick in your face if you smoke around me.
Drink?:: Nope, I think alcohol is pretty vile.
Cuss?:: s**t, piss, ********, c**t, cocksucker, mother ********, tits, fart, turd, t**t. No, I don't mother ********' curse you mother ********' c**k sucker.
Talk to yourself?:: Yup, good way to have an intelligent conversation now a days..
Believe in yourself?:: More than I do in God.
Play an instrument?:: Guitar Hero count?
Go to school?:: Yuuuuuuuup, local college for now, then somewhere with a mortician program.
Have a job?:: College mainly.
Like your job?:: I like college, so yes.
Want to get married?:: In the future, yes. Right now? No.
Want to have kids?:: ******** no.
Get along with your parents?::Long story short, Dad doesn't leave his room and my relationship my Mum is pretty good.
Get along with your sibling?:: She's a pain in the a**, but considering she's the only one in my family who's ever tried to figure me out, I can appreciate that. So I'd say, yes.
Drive?:: No.. I hit a tree... 3 times.... while taking three separate tests.. the same freaking tree too.. but hey, I gotta buck for it...
No, that didn't seriously happen. Yes, I do drive, I'm accident free.

Do you think you're trustworthy?:: Yups.
Think your funny?:: I suppose so.
Ever toilet papered someones house?:: I used toilet paper at someone's house.
Gone garbage can tipping?:: Nope, my sis hit a trash can with her car once though, I laughed for a good hour.
Do you wash your hands frequently?:: Depending where I am. New York I sanitize my hands till they burn off.
How many time a day do you brush your teeth?:: One or two times a day.
Collect anything?:: Dust.
Ever been in love?:: Teehee, yeah I have.
In love right now?:: Yeah. > u <
Dating anyone right now?:: Yep, his name is Kyle, and he's adorkable. heart
What color pants are you wearing right now?:: Purple skinny jeans.
How does your hair look?:: Pretty nice, straight, a tad messy though.
Ever had your heartbroken?:: Yup.
Ever broken the law?:: b***h please, of course I have. One time I stole a free sample, and another time, I J-walked. Look out, I'm gonna be on America's most wanted.
Been arrested?:: Oh yeah, I'm one bad a** motha ********.
Been out of the country?:: When the cops were trying to "arrest" me, I out ran them and escaped to Canada.
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?:: ...Yeah... *coughcough*SexualQuestion*coughcough*
When was the last time you got drunk?:: Never been drunk, me no drinky. How many times must I write this before you get it? Dumbass.
Do you do drugs?:: I do not.
When was the last time you were high on anything?:: I'm constantly high on life.
Do you prefer the lights on or off?:: Lights dimmed. Allows me to see, but its not bright.
Would you ever get plastic surgery?:: The only place an exoskeleton should be on is a beetle..
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?:: Boxers, I have an awesome assortment of them. My favorite pair say "Stop looking, start playing", they're Xbox boxers.
Do you like to laugh?:: Yeah!
Ever had a bloody nose?:: Multiple times, I used to get them frequently as a kid.
Have you ever caught a fish?:: String ray and shark, first fishing trip I ever went on and I didn't catch a damn edible fish. I go crabbing every now and then.
What was the last thing you ate?:: Cup of dirt (choco-pudding with Oreos and gummy worms).
What time do you go to bed?:: Whenever I want really. Normally try to go to bed around 2 AM.
What's your favorite color?:: Purple. :3
Do you like to give or receive?:: Is that a sexual joke?
Are you obsessed with anything/anyone?:: Videogames and doodling.
Do you live alone?:: Nope, I live with my mummy, daddy, and my sister whenever she's home.
Do you own a blender?:: Yup, it blends stuff.
Do you like the snow?:: I ******** love snow! I have a couple awesome pairs of snow pants.
Ever been up a mountain?:: I ski and snowboard.. Why, of course I haven't been on one.
Ever been rootin'?:: Who?
Do you like surprises?:: Yup, my friend came out of the closet for me on my surprise party. 'Cept butt sex, don't enjoy surprise butt sex.

Well you know some facts about me, but you don't really know me as a person. I can be a complete b***h, shy, or your best friend. How you treat me is what you'll get back. I don't believe in God, nor do I believe you can find spirituality in a book. I feel it's something to find on your own. PM me, comment me, get to know me.

As for the avi art I do, lemme know if ya want some. You price it to how you like. Whether it be in items or gold, just don't be a douche who doesn't tip

Links to my art~
DA (which I rarely use) :

For my sketchbook and random doodles:
Anon'ed avi art/Freebies

Much love,


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Emulous Report | 02/28/2017 8:59 pm
I've been busy with adulting and it sucks. How have you been?
Emulous Report | 02/28/2017 7:14 am
The Sweetest Pea Report | 02/22/2017 8:47 pm
Haha. True true true. Well good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!
Life is okay. Just kind of same old same old, ya know?
But maybe I can come up with something fun for the weekend. 4laugh
The Sweetest Pea Report | 02/22/2017 3:41 pm
I can respect that. emotion_brofist
Sorry I haven't been around for a couple days. How's life? What's new? 4laugh
The Sweetest Pea Report | 02/19/2017 6:05 pm
Yeah. Gotta do it at some point.
Your avi looks like she's ready to have a picnic.
Can I go on a picnic with you? 4laugh
The Sweetest Pea Report | 02/18/2017 3:05 pm
Ooooh. Well good luck with that. I need to do some cleaning and some laundry. Blegh.
The Sweetest Pea Report | 02/18/2017 2:53 pm
Hey what's new? 4laugh
The Sweetest Pea Report | 02/06/2017 8:15 pm
Haha okay. But the fact that you came up with it makes me more likely to approve of it. 3nodding
The Sweetest Pea Report | 02/05/2017 5:28 pm
Well it kind of works out. Awwwww. My hero! *swoons*

Also, feel free to rummage around in my closet and find stuff for me to wear any time you want. surprised
The Sweetest Pea Report | 02/05/2017 5:23 pm
Thanks. It just kinda came to me. wink

Also, it kinda matches your avi.
So that's pretty awesome. emotion_yatta


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"When we were kids, we feared the monsters beneath our beds.
When we grow older, we fear the demons in our heads.
Perhaps this is what keeps me from my sleep."

About Shesba and Deerie Os
First name?:: Becky
Any nicknames?:: Luff, Shesba, or make somethin' up.
Birthday: March 28th
Religion:: I believe you can't find spirituality in a book, so no, not really.
But just because I don't practice it doesn't mean I don't accept someone who does. Whatever works for you!
Thing to do?:: Draw, listen to music, hang with friends, play video games, mess around on the internet, whatever I feel like really.
Holiday?:: Halloween.
Season?:: Winter, tis the season to burn s**t.
Believe in yourself?:: More than I do in God.
Collect anything?:: Dust.
Dating anyone right now?:: Yep, his name is Kyle, and he's adorkable and I love him so.
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?:: Boxers, I have an awesome assortment of them.
My favorite pair say "Stop looking, start playing", they're Xbox boxers.
Do you like the snow?:: I love snow! I have a couple awesome pairs of snow pants.
I'm also a skier and snowboarder.

How you treat me is what you'll get back.
PM me, comment me, get to know me.

I made the background to my profile and I do avi art. Lemme know if ya want some.
Just don't be a douche who doesn't tip.

Much love,