"We're just another nail in the coffin..."

// 3. 19. 14 ~

Sup jackasses. . .

Just address me as Memphi, it saves time & the hassle.

I'm your average hell-raising b*****d of a bitter-sweetheart with a vulgar tongue.
Don't like me? Fantastic, me neither!

Not much of a people person, so expect a rough first impression. It is how it is man. Soon enough, I'm pretty laid back and alright once you get to know me after some time. Yep...
Horror/gore lover at its finest.~

That's about all there is...

Shadow of the Colossus - End Game

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.:Small Note:.

Taking a small hiatus starting 7/16/14.
I'll be gone about a week, hopefully it's no longer than that, give or take. Could end up being a week and a half, no promises.
I need/have to take some time off, clear my head and get away from some things for while...

I'll check in for a bit whenever I get the chance, though responses will be delayed...
That's about it.

See you all soon, you lovely bastards.
Be back soon...