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"Rip my lungs from my chest..."

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Sup jackasses. . .
The name's Memphi.

To some, I'm a bloody demon with a half-kind heart.
To others, I'm a re-occurring nightmare.

In general, really, I'm just a chick who doesn't really like people and goes by her own code. I don't take s**t /orders/ from anyone that I despise. If you say something that catches my attention in a bad way-- I will respond back, negatively.

Highly Vulgar. Overthinker. Deluded. Hostile. Closed-minded.
Sincere, but harsh. Kind?? (I guess, I don't really know) Cold-blooded. Flawed. a*****e/b*****d.
Gamer. Avid-Drinker. Half-assed Writer / Artist.
Horror/Gore Fan. Etc.

What else's there to know.?

Dethklok - Briefcase Full of Guts

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