"I'm a monstrosity of an experiment gone wrong..."

// 3. 19. 14 ~

Sup jackasses. . .

I'm rather known to all as Memphi, let's keep it that way....

I could sit here and jot down a ton of useless facts about me, and see if it intrigues anyone, but that seems a bit pointless. So let's just go with this:

- I'm a vulgar b*****d who doesn't do the whole "make a good first impression" for people. If you find me to be interesting, then cool. If not then be on your ******** way.
I'm kind of ******** up and weird, but I show a nice side if I need to. I'm "obsessed" with anything dealing with horror/gore, and skulls intrigue me to some ******** level.
Casually overthinking, casually drinking, and casually walking down a path of life.


Adrenaline Mob - Come on Get Up

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